Follow the RBA Crew LIVE during the DK200 Race

You might not be here in Emporia Kansas to cheer us along but you can follow LIVE thanks to the Quarq Qollector. If you head over to then select the DK200 race and follow all of the riders that were selected to use the new Qollector. It is a device that collects a riders gps data, power (if they have a power meter) and heart rate (when used) then uses a built-in cell network to transmit live.

All of the Qollector units charged and ready for install.

Please follow along with the RBA team of  Troy Templin #985, Jon Hornbeck #430 and Janel Holcomb #421 all attempt the 200 mile course for the first time. There are also a few others to keep an eye out for that will be tracked live like Amanda Nauman #1 looking for her 4th win as well as Yuri Hauswald #392 looks for another win.