Galfer Wave Rotors Arrive

Press Release

After launching the new Road brake pads for brake discs, Galfer completes the product range with the new 140mm and 160mm Disc Wave for Road.

The new discs are laser-cut high-carbon stainless steel fixed discs. After cutting, the discs undergo the processes of tempering, black painting with cathaforesis treatment, grinding and surface finish treatment. Galfer applies the same processes and quality controls as for the MotoGP or WSBK brake discs.

The inspiration for the new Road disc design was the high speeds achieved by road competition riders. Our engineers combined this with a minimum weight and maximum resistance. That’s how the final product weights 64 grams (140mm), and 79 grams (160mm).

The new Galfer Road Disc Wave have been developed and manufactured in Spain. There have been many essays, designs, prototypes, lab tests and road tests. We want to thank professional former rider Santi Segú, who tested all new Galfer Bike road products.

With these new discs GALFER BIKE completes the range of braking products: Mountain Bike, Bike Trial, and Road.

The new Disc Wave Road is available in the following sizes: 140mm (DB101W, 64g) and 160mm (DB102W, 79g).

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