Gallery: 2015 San Dimas Stage Race

(Photos: Brian Hodes/ VeloImages)

Visit Dallas Cycling is on security detail during stage 2. Charging on the front while still protecting their leader Amber Neben


Visit Dallas Cycling still on the front keeping the pace up.


_D3X4192 copy
Lex Albrecht of Optum-KBS takes the stage 2 win.


And they’re off! The start of the Pro Women’s stage 3 criterium.


_D3X4543 copy
Emerson Oronte concentrating in the pack, with hopes of an overall win.


Incycle-Cannondale taking the front with two laps to go.


Sergio Hernandez grimaces as he sets up for his team’s sprint.


Williams pulls off the stage 3 win for his Incycle-Cannondale team.


Alto Velo-SeaSucker taking their turn on the front keeping their man in yellow.


The ride up Heckler Hill is grueling .25 mile climb at an average of 8% with spikes up to 15%


The pro riders trudge up the nasty Heckler’s Hill


DSC_9666 copy
Nothing is going to stop Amber Neben from maintaining her jersey.


Brianna Walle (Optum-KBS) wins stage 3 in her Sprinter’s jersey.


Amber Neben claimed the leaders jersey on stage 1 and never gave it up.
The Alto Velo-SeaSucker amateur team upstaged the pro riders by helping Emerson Oronte claim the overall title.

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