New Evidence Suggests Garmin Outage is an Intentional Attack

Time to pay up?

Two-days in and more details about the Garmin outage have arrived. Since Thursday, Garmin users have not been able to upload their ride files to Garmin Connect and must instead upload directly to their preferred ride tracking app like Strava. Evidence has been released that the problem is much larger than a mix-up on the Garmin servers.

In an article on Forbes Barry Collins reported, “The navigation company was hit by a ransomware attack on Thursday, leaving customers unable to log fitness sessions in Garmin apps and pilots unable to download flight plans for aircraft navigation systems, among other problems.”

The attacks included a ransom note, “Screenshots sent to BleepingComputer show long lists of the company’s files encrypted by the malware, with a ransom note attached to each file, Garmin employees indicated $10 million was requested to end the issues.”

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