Tan walls and new treads


Goodyear Bicycle Tires has expanded its road bicycle tire offering with the launch of additional options within the existing Ultra-High-Performance Road and High-Performance range while maintaining short lead times. First launched in 2018 with official licensed partner, Rubber Kinetics, Goodyear’s brand presence continues to make an impact within the global cycling market.

The additions include a tan sidewall option across the range of Goodyear Eagle F1, Eagle F1 SuperSport, and Eagle Sport models. While previously available in a tube-type construction, the recent additions include the tan sidewall option for the proprietary Tubeless Complete™ construction of the Eagle F1 and Eagle F1 SuperSport. In addition, the Eagle Sport tube type will now be offered with a tan sidewall option.

Incorporating leading-edge technology in tread compound development as well as proprietary construction methods, the Goodyear Ultra-High-Performance road range of tires are designed to allow riders to reach the highest levels of performance:

Eagle F1

All-round road race tire performance for enthusiasts and racers.

Eagle F1 SuperSport

Developed to optimize rolling resistance and weight for road race, time trial and triathlon competition.

The Goodyear High-Performance road collection is a new segment in the Goodyear line-up and is currently comprised of the Eagle Sport model.

Eagle Sport

Designed to balance multi-condition grip and robust durability to deliver day-in, day-out precision and control at every turn in an economical package.

The road Ultra High-Performance models feature the latest in technology advancements from Goodyear Bicycle Tires, including:

  • Tubeless Complete™: A multi-compound material layer added to our high-pressure Road-UHP tire casing allowing for improved air retention while providing additional puncture and cut protection with minimal increases in weight.
  • Dual Angle Bead: A proprietary bead design provides a better initial seal against the rim bed for tubeless setup while also providing superior air retention at full inflation pressures.
  • Forward Facing Fitment: An ethos that designs for use with modern rim widths, the tire maintains the correct casing shape and tread cap positioning resulting in a faster, more comfortable ride.

The expanded range of Goodyear road bicycle tires now totals 36 variations across 4 tread patterns, which cater to riders’ needs based on size, intended usage, and aesthetic.

Road Tan Sidewall Range Availability

  • Eagle F1 Tubeless Complete Tan – Shipping Now
  • Eagle F1 SuperSport Tubeless Complete Tan – Shipping Now
  • Eagle Sport Tube Type – Shipping Now


The Goodyear Bicycle Tires All-Terrain range expands with new options to existing models, plus an additional tread making its way across from the Mountain range. As with the expanded road range, Goodyear All-Terrain bicycle tires will continue to be offered with short lead times.

The ever-popular Connector expands in offering a tan sidewall option to sit alongside the existing classic black sidewall and is now available in 700×35, 700×40, 700×50, and 650×50 sizes. The County gains a tan sidewall option along with the black sidewall and is available in two new sizes: 700×40 and 650×50. The Peak is now offered in black or tan sidewall in an all-new 700×40 size to round out the expanded all-terrain range.


The Connector can tackle any terrain. A versatile tread pattern featuring tightly spaced center knobs combined with aggressive side knobs. The result is a fast rolling, highly tractable, all-terrain tire ready for everything from backroads to single-track.


Mating an efficient tread pattern with a high-volume and robust construction, the County is a versatile companion at home on any surface. Widely spaced side knobs offer confidence on loose terrain while a smooth center tread minimizes rolling resistance.


Cross-country grip meets drop bar performance. Building on the success of our Peak cross-country tire, we have optimized the tread to offer ‘Peak’ performance for all-terrain usage. The Peak features a staggered and ramped center knob and mid-tread to minimize rolling resistance, with widely spaced larger knobs on the outside to provide grip in the most challenging terrain.

The updated All-Terrain range features the latest in technology advancements from Goodyear Bicycle Tires, including:

  • R:Shield: An under-tread belt to offer excellent puncture protection while allowing the tire to remain supple to maximize performance and comfort.
  • Dual Angle Bead: A proprietary bead design provides a better initial seal against the rim bed for tubeless setup while also providing superior air retention at full inflation pressures, combined with multi-compound air-tight material layer.
  • Dynamic Silica4: A compound blended with a high Silica content to maximize wet weather grip and longevity.

All-Terrain Range Availability

  • Connector – Shipping Now
  • County – Shipping April
  • Peak (all-terrain) – Shipping April

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