Greg LeMond Makes Another Comeback

Is there a new future in store for a new carbon bike line?

As reported in BRAIN

LeMond Bicycles LLC recently raised a bit over $2 million in a private placement investment, possibly bringing the company closer to launching a bike line using technology developed by Greg LeMond’s other business, LeMond Carbon. The Tour de France champion founded both companies in 2016.

Until LeMond started causing trouble by pissing-off Lance Armstrong with his doping accusations, Trek was producing some cutting-edge road bikes under the LeMond banner.

“LeMond has been in and out of the bike market since at least 1986, the year he won his first Tour. He licensed his name to Trek Bicycle for use on bikes for 13 years starting in 1995. In 2008 Trek ended the agreement, with Trek president John Burke saying that LeMond “has done and said things that have damaged the LeMond brand and the Trek brand as a whole.” LeMond sued for breach of contract and the suit was settled in 2010, with Trek agreeing to pay $200,000 to, a charity supported by LeMond.

“At the 2013 Interbike show, LeMond launched a limited edition of 300 LeMond-branded frames and bikes made by Time in France (top). LeMond’s company also distributed Time frames and pedals in the U.S. for a time. In 2014 LeMond announced he was selling a US-made steel frame, called the Washoe, through a consumer-direct website.”

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When we last ran into Greg LeMond in the aisles of the 2019 Eurobike show he told us of his plans to get his new bike line going “some time in the future” – could that future be now?!
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