Handmade Bike Show Preview – English Cycles

By: Zap

For the last five years I have made it a necessity in life to attend the North American Handmade Bike Show as it’s bounced around a different US locale each year. As I always refer to it, NAHBS is the best little bike show in the world. This show is not about big commerce, factory stores and grinding dealers for more floor space. In a word, it’s all about passion with large doses of ingenuity and artistry thrown in for good measure.

Over the years I have come away impressed, enamored really, with the work of so many of the frame builders who have exhibited. Of them all, none of have blown my top as consistently as Rob English of English Cycles. Words alone cannot do his two-wheeled creations justice as year in and year out he proves just how wildly visionary he can be.

So imagine the thrill it was to receive the following letter from him this week….only going to prove the promise of another great Handmade Bike Show  and how you should do your best to attend. See you there!

I don’t know if you have any particular schedule for NAHBS, but knowing how crazy it can get, I thought I’d see if you wanted to try and set a time when I could show you some of the new builds I will be showing?
First thing or even before opening seems like a good idea to me:- I will have ten bikes at the show, a few highlights:
– My first stainless frame, goal weight for the complete bike is sub 10lbs.
– Single-sided belt drive 29er.
– Obree tribute pursuit bike.
– Gravel race bike with eTap.
– Travel-gravel build with my folding frame system for airline travel.
….and more…..

Look forward to seeing you there,

English 1

English 3


English 4


English 7



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