Handmade Bike Show Review, Pt. 3

By: Zap

As we all know there comes a time when all good things must come to an end. And so it is with our web coverage of the 10th annual North American Handmade Bike Show. In case you missed the previous coverage from the show, you can find it at NAHBS #1 and NAHBS #2.  And if you stick around to see the July issue of Road Bike Action you can see the whole extended coverage.

So here is the final installment from 2015 NAHBS. Remember, next year the show moves to Sacramento, California on February 26-28 – be there!

In case you’ve ever wondered what a bike that costs $20,000 looks like, here’s a custom Manta built by Craig Calfee that cost just that. www.calfeedesign.com


As with every Calfee that comes out of their NorCal frame shop, the workmanship is simply beyond the pale.


Of course every carbon Calfee made today has its roots in the Team Z carbon bikes that Craig made for Greg LeMond to race in the 1991 Tour de France. Although this old race bike was over 20 years old, it was one of the big attractions at this years show.


Steve Potts has been building bikes for over 30 years with steel and titanium being his specialty. “We’re lucky that there are the builders who pore so much aesthetic into their bikes. They may not always be super practical, but they bring color to the sport and the industry needs them. The perfect bike is the one that offers you no more and no less than you need, but rides just right.” www.stevepottsbicycles.com
Oh yeah, in his teenage days Steve was also a flat track racer – how cool is that?


As one of America’s celebrated titanium frame builders, Kent Eriksen remains committed to the lightweight material that has found new life in the world of gravel bikes. www.kenteriksen.com


Back in the mid-70s when Greg LeMond was an up and coming Junior racer, he turned to Roland Della Santa to make him a custom frame. Greg isn’t racing anymore, but Roland is still making frames. His beautiful Oso Bucco frame (with drilled out chainstays) sells for $2000. www.dellasanta.com


We saw the first version of Bill Holland’s beautiful limited edition carbon bike last year…he says it’s now ready to be sold. www.hollandcycles.com


As with so many other bikes at the show, photos really don’t do justice to the detailed level of craftsmanship found on the Holland. “Meticulous: is one word that comes to mind.


Old race bikes never die, they just continue to inspire.


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