With its innovative legacy in bicycle wheel technology, Hed is best known for their road bike wheels offerings. Recently the Minnesota-based builder ventured into the gravel side of things and the Emporia series is the result of the company’s 40-plus years of wheel knowledge. Named after the Midwestern town at the heart of American gravel riding and home to the Unbound Gravel race, Emporia, Kansas, the Emporia series of wheels is designed to handle the demanding conditions of gravel especially those in the surrounding Flint Hills. We’ll share our thoughts on the latest addition to the Emporia series, the GC3 Performance, in a few weeks when we receive our test set! In the meantime, Here’s what Hed has to say.

Press release: 

HED is releasing an all-new carbon gravel wheel: the Emporia GC3 Performance.

The Emporia GC3 Performance is an all-carbon gravel wheel set, designed and produced by hand by HED in Minnesota. The rim design borrows heavily from HED’s Pro grade carbon gravel wheels, the Emporia GC3 Pro, but at a more accessible price point, $1,650 per wheel set.

When Steve and Anne Hed founded HED Cycling in 1984, they did so with a vision to make world-class cycling components that were both built in the U.S.A. and affordable. With the Emporia GC3 Performance, and all its Performance level carbon wheels, HED delivers on that original vision: creating wheels that are top performing and available to a wide range of riders.

Taking design cues from the Vanquish RC Pro and Vanquish RC Performance series, the Emporia GC3 Performance features a 30mm rim depth. Additionally, to accommodate and improve the performance of gravel tires, the Emporia GC3 Performance has been designed with a 26mm internal width. The total wheel set weight is 1,545g and is available, starting June 15th, in a 700c option.


Many of HED Cycling’s most iconic wheels, like the Ardennes and Belgium, invoke a sense of place and history. They pay homage to cycling tradition. They are wheels that tell stories. When it came to naming our gravel line, we chose to lean into that idea. 

It’s our opinion at HED Cycling Products that no one has done more to promote gravel riding and adventure culture than the people and city of Emporia, KS. From the creation of gravel racing’s most well-known events to introducing many of us to the beauty of the Flint Hills, Emporia has left its mark on American cycling and we’re excited to celebrate the city through the name of our gravel line.

We are excited to announce the release of the Emporia GC3 Performance. Check out our full line-up of wheels at the HED Cycling Products website.

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