Holiday Training Tips From An Ex Pro

The holidays and family obligations can interrupt training plans going into the new year.  At the same time, it is important to sustain your training without letting all of your recent hard work go to waste.  We caught up with former professional, Janel Holcomb, to get some inside tips on how to make the most of the holiday season, while still getting the most out of your training.  Here are her 5 tips on handling the holiday season correctly:


Janel Holcomb @JanelHolcomb

Tip 1:  Make really good use of your time.  If you have good weather and have a couple of open days leading up to the holidays where you can squeeze in some more time on the bike, make it happen.  You may think that you can sneak a ride in here or there once the holidays come, but most of the time it won’t work.  Go out on the days you can and ride that extra hour, and those will add up to what you may miss on your holidays.  I would always like to ride a bit harder than normal as I knew I would consciously feel better once I had that extra piece of pie.

Tip 2:  If you are in an area that you may not be able to ride in, or you traveled to see family and don’t have your bike go for a hike.  This is a great way to get a quick workout in, and you can even include your friends and family.  I would do this pretty often as I had to go back east to see my family and the weather was always too bad to get out on my bike.  I would hike up as many climbs that I could to build some leg strength while spending that same time with some of my family members.

Tip 3:  If you are really time crunched you can pull out your trainer and knock out a 90 minute work out.  I would put my bike in a big gear and do some quality big gear efforts of strength building.  Working on sprints and any type of short threshold efforts work great as well.

Tip 4:  The food.  Here is the tough part. There will be plenty of opportunities to snack, eat, drink just about everything during the holidays.  I would try to keep everything in moderation.  I wouldn’t cut out certain types of food but just not go too big on everything.  This is of course the tough part, but if you don’t want to go too far backwards, moderation will help.  Also, while filling your plate try to keep the veggies and greens on there as well.  They can fill the space otherwise taken by some not so ideal options.



Tip 5:  Remember to have fun and enjoy yourself!  You are about to get into your season and you must stay mentally fresh.  Taking advantage of these situations will help you during your long hours on the bike and the suffering which you will endure during the season.


Happy Holidays and have a Great New Year!