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Hunt, an industry-leading wheel company committed to serving devoted riders, announced today the all-new 60 Limitless Aero Disc wheelset. The wheelset marks the third addition to the Limitless range, which currently includes the 48 Limitless Aero Disc and the 42 Limitless Gravel Disc.

Designed for riders seeking the utmost in speed for criterium, road, and triathlon courses, the new wheelset excels at minimizing aerodynamic drag while maintaining a smooth steering moment, allowing riders to carry higher speeds through corners and variable conditions. Consistent and predictable bike handling during varying side wind conditions empowers the rider to maintain the most aerodynamic position on the bicycle and fully utilize the benefits of aerodynamically optimized wheels. Any aerodynamic advantage is immediately erased if the rider is forced to sit up in the final meters of a chaotic finish in order to maintain control.

The wheelset is ideal for all-out riding and racing at maximum speed on fast courses, like the Hunt-supported LA Sweat Team at Tulsa Tough and Team Qhubeka ASSOS in rapid, flat stages of the European grand tours.

Technology and Development Process

Hunt integrated the (often mutually exclusive) properties of aero & lightweight, by harnessing the company’s proprietary Limitless Width Technology (patent pending) and applying the shape and construction learnings to the deeper profile. Limitless Width Technology, developed by Luisa Grappone (MSc Aerospace Engineering) along with Pete Marchment (Co-Founder & Materials Scientist), utilizes co-molded low-density polymer (density of 0.7g/cm3 vs. carbon fiber pre-preg of 1.6g/cm3) in the outer rim construction to achieve an extra-wide profile optimized for modern wide tires while keeping overall rim weight low.
While the Limitless Width Technology and construction is consistent throughout the range, Hunt started from scratch to develop the profile of the 60 Limitless Aero Disc project. As with the 48 Limitless Aero Disc, 3D printed prototype rims were created to match the most promising profiles, laced into complete wheels, mounted with tires to accurately replicate system performance and wind tunnel tested against each other and leading competitors in order to identify the fastest shape. The profile yielding the lowest aerodynamic drag with the smoothest steering moment was then manufactured using the Limitless construction process and tested again in the wind tunnel to validate performance.

Hunt identified the optimal dimensions for a 60mm deep rim designed around 25-28c tires to be an external width of 34mm, with an internal width of 21 mm. The profile is designed to minimize drag by helping airflow stay attached longer as it passes over the rim. Based on a truncated airfoil shape with a rounded but slightly less U-shaped profile than on lower depth Hunt Limitless offerings, it balances very low aerodynamic drag whilst maintaining stability in handling. Paired with Hunt’s FastEngage Sprint hubs with 7.5-degree engagement and aerodynamically superior Pillar Elliptical spokes, the total system weight comes in at 1669 grams. The rider has the choice between CeramicSpeed and EZO bearings.

Validated Results

The wind tunnel test results show that the 60 Limitless Aero Disc is among the fastest in the industry at the target depth category, offering significant reductions in aerodynamic drag while maintaining a smooth steering moment, especially at greater yaw angles, when variable incoming airflows can be most disruptive to the rider.

To review our full wind tunnel results, verifying the aerodynamic drag and steering moment data of the new wheelset from Hunt along with leading competitors, please find our publicly available white paper published here. The Hunt 60 Limitless Aero Disc wheelset is available for pre-order now at, with an estimated delivery window in April of 2021.

The CeramicSpeed Advantage

Whilst the demands of modern performance riding share many similarities across multiple disciplines, the increasing diversity of competitive riding and racing requires highly specialized engineering solutions that often go unseen. This is where our partnership with CeramicSpeed takes Centre stage.

CeramicSpeed clearly needs little introduction. We were honored when they approached us last year to work together on the Limitless project. As you know, CeramicSpeed bearings are renowned for their low rolling resistance and are chosen by the top international athletes and teams. Thanks to a comprehensive R&D program, CeramicSpeed’s resilient solutions are backed by a 6-year warranty. This offers riders the freedom to put the 60 Limitless Aero Disc wheelset through its paces in the most challenging training and racing conditions without fear of failure.

Photo: Alonso Tal

Key Specs

Price: (EZO):  $1519 | €1379 | £1169
Price:  (CeramicSpeed): $1859 | €1689 | £1429
Rim Width: 34mm external, 21mm internal
Weight: 1669g
Hubs: FastEngage 7.5 Hub SPRINT, with an engagement rate of 7.5°. 20/24-hole. Multi-point pawls, with 48 ratchets within the hub shell. Center-Lock Disc.
Bearings: CeramicSpeed & EZO Available
Spokes: Pillar Elliptical Spokes, PSR Wing 20 14g Straight Pull Black
Tires size: Tubeless and clincher-ready, optimized for 25-28c, compatible
Freehub options: Shimano/SRAM 8/9/10/11 speed, SRAM XD/XDR, Campagnolo 8/9/10/11/12 speed


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