First Look: Hunt Wheels – Video

The latest wheels from the UK

Hunt Wheels was formed about five years ago by brothers Peter and Tom Marchmant when they decided to move on from their inner-tube company and move onto something with a more challenging learning and performance curve. Wheels it was and following an initial foray to develop an alloy wheel for UK gravel brand, Mason Cycles, things began to take off.

Fast forward a few years and in addition to a staff of well sourced bike riders, they brought on the talents of aerodynamicist Luisa Grappone. Together they came up with a proprietary wheel design with a goal of producing a rim with a wide internal width with as little weight penalty and cost as possible. The Limitless 48 was the result.

As the name implies, the disc specific, carbon Limitless is 48mm deep with a 35mm external width and 22.5mm internal width. To keep the weight at (a claimed) 1585 grams, they designed a slot molded into the rims sidewall which is then filled with a polymer before being covered up to look like a standard wheel. Given that the amount of polymer used is lighter than the carbon that would normally be used, they have thus achieved the twofer benefit of being wide and light.

In addition to the rim wall feature, the u-shaped Limitless wheels are built with Pillar Wing 20 spokes with an aerofoil profile that are laced to a pair of high-end CeramicSpeed bearings – a nice value-added benefit for sure. The rims use a hooked sidewall and are suitable for all clincher road tires. Best of all, the retail price is $1459.

Owing to the wide internal width, the rims are obviously intended provide optimized performance with bigger tires. Although told that the wheel scan roll with 25mm rubber, they are best used with tires in the 28-30mm range. Interestingly, Hunt offers specific tire pressure numbers depending on the size of tire used.


In addition to the Limitless wheel, they were also showing-off a new, 34mm deep aluminum Aero Wide Disc wheel that in addition to a (claimed) weight of only 1548 grams seemed to pack a handful of solid performance features into a wheelset that sells for $550.

Like the Limitless wheels, the Aero Wide hoops are inscribed with the word “Aerodynamicist” which indicate not only Luisa’s design input, but also R&D time spent in the wind tunnel.

When it came time to ride, we only had the chance to get out for a brief out and back on the aluminum hoops and between the altitude and the effort needed trying to minimize the gaps as the Hunt lads did their best to blow-up the group ride, I had no actual feedback to provide, so as usual, we are waiting for some production samples of both wheels to test on our local roads.

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