OneTap hydro-pneumatic tire arms

Kuat continues to establish itself as a leader in rack innovation and development with the release of the all-new Piston Pro X, hitch-mounted bike rack. The new rack boasts taillights, Genuine Kashima Coat, OneTap hydro-pneumatic tire arms, and numerous other features.

A main objective of the Piston Pro X was to ensure ease of use, while still making a rack that can withstand the burliest of roads. Hence the FastFit tool-free tire chocks that can slide with one hand (fits wheels sizes 18”-29” up to 5” tires and up to a 53” wheelbase without adapters or tools) combined with aluminum construction and a solid steel hitch holding bikes up to 67 lbs per tray*. Genuine Kashima Coat, supplied via an exclusive contract with Miyaki Co., coats the hydro-pneumatic dual tire arms for long-term durability. The hydro-pneumatic tire arms release completely on their own with OneTap technology and ratchet down making no contact with the bike frame, keeping the bikes secure, but preventing unwanted scratches. IGUS bushings used on key pivots, custom formulated Tiger Powder coating, stainless steel hardware, and automotive grade 750-hour salt spray on steel hardware all contribute to a bomb-proof rack.

Safety and security were also a major concern and the Piston Pro X answers definitively via integrated LED taillights and a semi-integrated cable lock. The magnetic, quick-connect plug cable ensures vehicle taillights are duplicated and braking and turn signals are communicated clearly. A 12mm thick semi-integrated cable lock will fit around numerous bikes and the rubber cable coating keeps the cable from scratching bike frames.

“By far our most ambitious project, said Kuat president and co-founder Luke Kuschmeader. “We wanted to challenge what a bike rack can do and offer a rack like nothing else in the market. The Piston Pro X is the premier product in every category from safety, security, durability, details, and aesthetics.”

The Piston Pro X also offers a Flatlock hitch cam with a lockable install feature keeping your rack secure and wobble free. QuickConnect modular design allows for the addition of a one or two-bike add-on with bike carrying capacity ranging from two, three, to four bikes. Kuat offers an optional e-bike ramp for easy loading and unloading of heavier e-bikes and tiered trays that add ground clearance and options for which bike riders can load and unload no matter which position the bike is in on the rack. Foot or hand actuated pivot on the two bike version and a clever end pull handle on the add-ons makes lowering the rack up or down, with the add-on, less of a stretch.

The Piston Pro X will be available in the spring of 2022 at select nationwide retailers along with several paired-down models coming in the fall of 2022 starting at $989. As with any Kuat rack, the Piston Pro X is covered with Kuat’s No Worries Warranty and backed by the best customer service in the industry.

Piston Pro X: $1389


● Holds 18”- 29” wheels, up to a 5” wide tire and accommodates a 53” wheelbase out of the box with no tools needed
● Two 67 lb bikes
● RV approved (42 lb max per bike)


● All metal construction with aluminum casted parts throughout
● Genuine Kashima Coat struts
● OneTap hydro-pneumatic tire arms – patent pending
● Seamlessly integrated LED lights with magnetic quick plug – patent pending
● One hand FastFitTM wheel chock adjustment- patent pending
● Foot or hand actuated pivot on 2 bike and end pull handle on one and two bike racks
● Flatlock hitch cam with built-in lockable install tool – patent pending
● Hitch lock and tamper-resistant hitch cam for double rack security
● Semi-integrated industry-leading ultra-high strand 12mm cable lock
● Stadium tiered tire trays for added ground clearance
● QuickConnect one and two bike add-ons – patent pending
● 10 year, no fade powder coat
● Stainless Steel and Automotive-grade 750 hour hardware
● Automotive-style raised logo
● Over center ratchet arms for selective unloading
● Optional E-bike ramp accessory
● Lifetime Warranty

For more information visit www.kuat.com

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