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Lauf just announced their new lineup with a few new colors that look amazing. The big news is that all of their bikes have swapped to e*thirteen wheels. Half get the alloy XCX 700 upgrade while the other half get the incredibly light XCX Race 700 Carbon wheels. We have been testing the wheels for a few months now and they take e13’s MTB durability to the gravel, read our full review here.


Four new upgrade colors on the True Grit:

•Pearl White “Swap color” that we produce in decent qty and can therefore offer at only +$190 compared to standard “mass-produced” Lava Black.

•Purple Craze, Gravelnauts and Moss Green “Premium colors” produced in lower volumes at +$390.

•Lava Black remains standard and the ever-elegant Racing Rocket Red stays on as a +$390 premium color.

Lauf Anywhere colors remain unchanged and are $400 less than the equivalent True Grit.


We feel like e*thirteen is the perfect fit for Lauf. We share the passion for making bikes better. Better to ride, and better to live with. They are enthusiastic riders themselves and they don’t just settle for something vanilla, they really dive into the details. I personally love details such as the captive threads on the rear hub axle and their approach to tubeless valves. It simply shows that they care. So, we quickly became good friends. Great friendships are a source of great things.


FROM e*thirteen

e*thirteen entered the gravel market with drivetrain components in 2019. The XCX gravel cranks are among the lightest in the world, with the same manufacturing processes and test standards as our World Cup-winning downhill cranks. The three sizes of 11-speed, XCX cassettes offer gravel riders a big advantage in weight and gearing thanks to the 9 tooth cog. At that time, we knew we could offer a class-leading gravel rim in carbon and aluminum, but we didn’t have any hub designs that we felt would offer riders anything beyond what was out there. We flirted with the idea of collaborating with some smaller California hub manufacturers and offering a few build options, because we feel these rims are going to be a hit with custom wheel builds anyway. In the end, we were able to rework some key concepts and source reliable bearings that were small enough to hit our weight targets, which was tricky given our tenacity toward 6-bolt rotors over Centerlock—if you can’t fix it with your multi-tool, would you ride it to the middle of nowhere? So once we had the hub we dreamed of and some quality straight-pull spokes, the complete wheelset was worthy of our customer’s hard-earned dollar.

We are a mountain bike brand, with racing and adventure riding in our DNA. Beyond the perks of going faster and farther that are inherent in gravel riding, we found the training elements of our gravel rides truly were making us better mountain bikers. The gravel bike kept us riding when it was too muddy on the trails, or if we were too beat up to trail ride from shuttle runs the day before. It wasn’t long before we were adding a little singletrack here and there to our rides on the outskirts of town, or on the way back down the mountain after a fire road grind to the top. This is the spirit of mountain biking, pushing the limits for the sake of adventure, that we see alive and well in the gravel world. e*thirteen gravel products are built for these kinds of rides, and riders. And Lauf built the bike.

We’d seen the Lauf suspension fork refined over the past few years into an absolute adventure weapon. The True Grit is the frame that reflects perfectly our goals and priorities in gravel components. It was an honor and a massive validation for us to have the world’s first e*thirteen gravel wheels rolling out under the new True Grit. We’re thrilled to collaborate with Lauf to bring more capability to performance gravel riding, and to enable rowdier off-path adventures for those who crave it like us.


•Weekend Warrior: $2790
DT Swiss X1900 out, E13 XCX 700 Aluminum in – few grams lighter, 1.5mm wider(24 vs 22.5)

•Weekend Warrior AXS: $3690
DT Swiss X1900 out, E13 XCX 700 Aluminum in – few grams lighter, 1.5mm wider(24 vs 22.5)

•Race AXS: $4690
DT Swiss XR1501 out, E13 XCX Race 700 Carbon in – 1280g in, 1590g out, 1.5mm wider (24 vs 22.5)

•Ultimate: $6490
Zipp 303s out, E13 XCX Race 700 Carbon in – aero out, light in, 1mm wider (24 vs 23).


Check out our full review of the new e*thirteen wheels here.

Also, read our full review of both the Lauf True Grit and Anywhere.

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