Engineered for rotational impact protection

KinetiCore is a new benchmark for lightweight, protective helmets designed for every type of cyclist. It is a Lazer-developed rotational protection system that is patented and exclusive to Lazer products.  It will be available in six different models ranging from performance road, MTB, urban, and kids’ models. Lazer is launching with two road offerings, the pinnacle model is the Vento.

Vento KinetiCore

• 2.3% more Aero than Bullet 2.0 MIPS
• 290g: +29% lighter than Bullet 2.0 MIPS
• 5.4% better cooling than Bullet 2.0 MIPS
• Virginia Tech 5-Star Helmet Rating
• MSRP $299.99

New is the unique tension system. Refine your helmet’s fit by scrolling the easy-to-use ScrollSys belt that is located on the back of the helmet.

Finding the Balance

The conversation on rotational impact started many years ago but it was clear to Lazer that there’s work to be done before cyclists truly understand. Generally, rotational impact protection has been considered an additional feature or added on. Although inherently adding protection, this enhanced level of protection has always been at the compromise of overall helmet performance. Added weight, decreased ventilation and/or more expensive. It has been Lazer’s mission, and responsibility, to find the optimum balance of protection and helmet performance. This is why Lazer created KinetiCore the integrated rotational impact protection.

The Story Behind the Name

KINETIC: relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces/energy associated there with.
CORE: a central and often foundational part of an object.

“Anybody can make something complicated, only those with disruptive design in their DNA can make something simpler.” Sean Van Waes – Lazer General Manager

The Why Behind KinetiCore

1. Most people don’t know about linear or rotational protection but they care about overall safety.
2. Although education is low, most people do understand and value independent quality references and ratings e.g. Virginia Tech.
3. It takes more than just protection to make a great helmet.

Types of Impact

Whether you’re riding fast or slow, if you’re unlucky and crash, you need to be protected from both types of these impacts.
Direct Impact: occurs when a cyclist falls straight onto a hard surface.
Rotational Impact: happens when a cyclist falls at an angle when moving.

“Independent tests confirmed that we had managed to pull off the same protection levels with built-in, instead of added-on, technology.” Guido de Bruyne – Lazer R&D Manager

Key features

Improved protection: KinetiCore’s controlled crumple zones take the force of the blow.

Lower weight: KinetiCore integrated protection weighs less so you can ride faster and stay comfortable for longer.

Increased ventilation: Less material combined with increased ventilation and breathability equals more comfort.

Reduced plastics: KinetiCore is manufactured using less plastics than helmets made via traditional helmet manufacturing methods.

“In order to benefit from the full potential of KinetiCore, the technology is optimized for each individual model in our range.” Ruben Broekhuizen – Team Leader Product Development

“From the elite professionals sprinting to victory on the world’s stage, all the way through to kids having fun on their local trails. KinetiCore is designed to protect all riders.” Peter Duynslaeger – Lazer Sales Director


Other Lazer Helmets with the New KinetiCore Tech


Road – Strada KinetiCore

• 1.3% more Aero than Blade+ MIPS
• 290g: +6% lighter than Blade+ MIPS
• 1% better cooling than Blade+ MIPS
• Virginia Tech 5-Star Helmet Rating
• MSRP $109.99

MTB – Jackal KinetiCore

• 340g: 50g (+12%) lighter than Jackal MIPS
• +5% better cooling than Jackal MIPS
• Virginia Tech 5-Star Helmet Rating
• MSRP: $219.99


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