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LEOMO helps cyclists and triathletes of all levels navigate power plateaus with products and direct-to-customer services that enable faster, stronger, more efficient, injury-free riding,  announced partnership with Team Movistar.

Under the agreement, LEOMO will supply Movistar Team with its one-of-a-kind motion analysis device and wearable motion sensors, as well as, test protocols, expert cycling data analysis, training feedback and race data review aimed at identifying and improving rider weaknesses and posture to optimize bike position, cycling form, cycling economy and training and racing performance.

Through its technology and cycling form expertise derived from thousands of athlete data analysis sessions, LEOMO will guide Movistar team riders (men, women and esports) on how to generate power as efficiently as possible, reduce wasted energy and ultimately increase the chances of training and racing injury-free. LEOMO will also use that model as a way to show cyclists of all ability levels how they can benefit from similar motion data analysis services.

“We believe this new relationship between LEOMO and Movistar Team will provide a pathway to the future of professional cycling,” said Kunihiko Kaji, CEO and co-founder of LEOMO. “It will allow a team and its athletes to benefit from motion analysis data in their fitness development, training progression and racing performance, but it will also allow amateur cyclists, coaches and fans to understand, appreciate and benefit from LEOMO’s technology and the training insights of professional teams and elite riders.”

“At Movistar Team we believe this partnership with LEOMO will enhance the focus on the use of technologies to improve our road riders performance but also, with the incorporation of the Movistar eTeam, we are opening a new path of development for which this alliance will be really valuable,” said Miguel Gravalos, CEO of Movistar Team. “Research, development and new technologies in riders’ performance is key for the company.”


TYPE-S Sensor Kit ($449, excluding tax), which includes two LEOMO motion sensors, is for beginners in the realm of motion analysis. TYPE-S Sensor Kit Pro ($799, excluding tax) includes all five LEOMO motion sensors, which is provided to the Movistar Team, for advanced and professional applications. The LEOMO TYPE-S system provides a precise look at a cyclist’s position, posture and movement patterns based on 11 proprietary Motion Performance Indicators.

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