Lunch Ride Review: Elite Vico Carbon cage & Fly bottle

Another place to cut weight and gain style.

Cutting weight on a bike build is always a top priority but few look at their water bottles as an option to cut grams. Most pull their bottle out at the coffee shop and declare their accomplishment but you still will need to carry that bottle up the mountain while riding.  The Elite Fly bottle is used by many pro teams but after a few uses, it’s evident that it’s more than just the weight savings that they like.


The Elite Fly bottle is claimed to be the lightest bottle on the market and to be honest at 54 grams for the 550ml version it seems to be. We rummaged through the office weighing bottles of all brands and sizes and the closest was still over 12 grams the heavier. Now what is more impressive is how nice the bottle is to use. To save weight the BPA free bottle uses a very thin plastic. This offers a very easy bottle to squeeze while drinking but just enough substance that it maintains if shape and form.

The valve on the bottle is a pop style but because if its design it’s not hard to open and you won’t hurt your teeth after a days worth of riding. This top cap is food-grade Polypropylene and food-grade Thermo Plastic Rubber with a large opening to incredible flow. Now the cap is not heavily secured so with too hard of a pull it will pop off but this makes for easy cleaning. We noticed that using this bottle led to more fluid consumption and we aren’t complaining.

The top did leak a bit if we didn’t screw it on tight enough and it only has a few threads. Overall these bottles are a top pick even if we aren’t cutting weight. To match the bottle is Elite’s Vico Carbon cage that fits their Fly bottle perfectly and is friendly to other too.


The Vico Carbon cage is the perfect mate for the Fly bottle as it only weighs 23 grams. The injection molded carbon cage is sturdy and secure with a great look too. New for the Vico is that it is now offered in ten colors including the new mat green we chose. The cage holds the bottle secure but still allows for easy removal, the bottle almost snaps into place. There are slotted bolt openings allowing for plenty of adjustment when fitting them to the frame.

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