Lunch Ride Review: Lightweight Meilenstein Wheels

Is the new Lightweight Meilenstein the world’s greatest bicycle wheel?
For 2013, the German wheel company Lightweight is revamping its line with new model names, updated versions of their tried-and-true products, as well as a new website and marketing campaigns. Among Lightweight’s three road-specific wheels, the Meilenstein (German for “Milestone”) is the medium-depth option and is described as an all-rounder suitable for casual rides, climbing and racing.
“Lightweight,” the very name elicits all sorts of emotions in cyclists. The Meilenstein is the company’s “do-it-all,” medium-depth road offering and its rim measures in at 47.5mm deep.
One unique feature of Lightweight wheels is a computer magnet integrated into the rim itself, noted by the magnet-shaped decal. No more attaching a magnet with an screw to your wheel’s spoke!
Despite many of its competitors making the move towards wider profile rim shapes, Lightweight maintains a more traditional V-shaped rim profile with a maximum width of 20mm.
Lightweight makes custom carbon hub shells for all its wheels, with large flanges bonded to 2mm-wide carbon spokes.
Look closely at the Meilenstein’s rear wheel and you’ll see that there are extra carbon wraps around the junctions where spokes overlap.
Our first ride on the Lightweight Meilensteins left us a bit spoiled. Along with the ridiculously light, 1123-gram weight (without quick releases), the Meilensteins retain Lightweight’s signature supple ride quality. Yes, they are incredibly expensive, but we’re excited to do some long-term testing to determine whether or not you’r getting what you pay for. All initial signs point to… maybe. For an in-depth review of the Lightweight Meilensteins, look for the annual “Euro” issue of Road Bike Action Magazine (cover date May 2013), hitting newsstands towards the end of March!
Weight: 1123 grams, plus quick releases (44 grams)
Rim depth: 47.5mm
Rim width: 20mm

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