Lunch Ride Review: Look Keo Flex Pedals

Look’s new, entry-level Keo Flex model is aimed at clipless neophytes, commuters and those who are interested in light-action release pedal system.
THE TECH: Look’s latest entry into the road pedal market isn’t some carbon fiber, uber-lightweight, high-performance and even higher-priced pro-level option. In fact, it’s just the opposite. The Keo Flex usurps the venerable Keo Easy in Look’s catalog as the brand’s low-cost, entry-level solution for beginner cyclists looking to trnasition away from flat pedals and into clipless. It features a light-action, non-adjustable retention lever that’s easy to clip into, and even easier to clip out of. The triangular-shaped composite pedal body measures 76mm long by 63mm wide.

The carbon composite Keo Flex body utilizes a non-adjustable retention lever.
The Flex is compatible with all three of Look’s cleat options, giving you a choice of either 0, 4.5 or 9 degrees of float. The chromoly spindle combines with a simple bushing and a single ball bearing, yet the Flex has been tested to the same standards as all other Look options.
The Keo Flex is compatible with all Look cleats.
THE LUNCH RIDE REVIEW: The Keo Flex is one of the most user-friendly pedals we’ve come across. Because the retention clip is non-adjustable, new riders needn’t have to worry about fiddling with the correct setting. Clipping in is incredibly easy, as is clipping out. Perhaps too easy. Most of our experienced test riders noted that a bit too much side-to-side foot movement cause an accidental disengagement. 
The non-adjustable retention device requires very little force to engage and disengage.
We’re not quite convinced that that the Flex is well-suited to serious road cycling, but it seems like a great option for novices and even casual commuters. We’re excited to put more miles on them to test our hypothesis, and to discover how durable they are. Look for a full test in an upcoming issue of Road Bike Action magazine.
Price: $59.99
Weight: 246 grams (pedals only)

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