Lunch Ride Review: Specialized Power Saddle

Specialized’s pursuit for medically ergonomic products provides another addition to its extreme wide array of saddle options. Ideally the best saddle for blood flow the Specialized Power saddle. A unique shape is developed to provide minimal pressure to the perineal area including the veins and arteries that transport blood to and from the area. Specialized took design elements from their newest Phenom saddles design and applied them to the stout nosed concept of the Sitero saddle (which has already boasted high blood flow number) with a wide channel common with their women’s saddles, to create the Power saddle.


Specialized claims the Power saddle allows the most blood flow while riding in and aggressive position. Specialized’s patented Body geometry shaping greatly decrease the fatigue caused by improper amount of pressure in the region, this will also allow you to sit in one spot of the saddle without shifting around. All you need to think is: Pedal!

Because every rider does not have equal anatomy, Specialized provides the Power saddle in three width options: 143, 155, and 168 (available in comp and expert level). The Power saddle comes in a variety price options that differ in shell material, padding level, surface material, and rails. At the comp and expert level you will receive a carbon reinforced shell and level 2 padding. At $100, the comp then comes with chromoly rails and is only available in black, while the expert is equipped with titanium railing and is available in both white or black for $130. At $200, the Pro is equipped with FACT carbon fiber rails and support shell, a level 1 padding for a more direct connection to the bike and is available in Black and red. The S-works retains the Fact carbon throughout the saddle, but is available in all three colors: black, red and white at the $300 mark.



Living up to its expectations, the Power saddle is beyond comfortable. Rolling your hips forward to get to the drops isn’t just comfortable, it is actually easier with less material inhibiting the pelvis from rotating. The contouring shape, contributed by the Phenom, lets you sit in the aggressive position without fuss of shifting around to find a place to settle in. The minimal padding was never an issue, the pressure on the pelvis was dispersed so much to where it felt like there was no saddle underneath. I would warn that there is definitely a sweet spot for the saddle. If your hips are rolled too far back you are met with an immense amount of pressure n the sit bones that makes rolling forward necessary out of discomfort. Riding too low, you may also see a good amount of discomfort from sheer pressure in the largest part of your perennial area. All in all, when riding with the proper sized saddle (see your local Specialized dealer for sizing) and it the right position, the Power saddle will meet expectation not thought to exist for a bicycle saddle.

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