Ride With Phil Gaimon

We had a chance to catch up with our friend Phil Gaimon for a preview ride of his upcoming Malibu Gran Cookie Dough event. Phil has been living in Los Angeles for a while now and as a professional cyclist gets the question of why and where do you ride? The fondo is his answer and we aren’t going to beat around the bush it’s going to be full of amazing views and challenging routes. SoCal is full of traffic as everyone knows but it is also an amazing place to be a cyclist. With great weather year around and stunning views no matter if you’re in the Angeles National Forest or enjoying the ocean views LA has something for everyone.


With cookies always on Phil’s mind, he thought it was the perfect way to blend his two favorite things riding and enjoying a perfect snack. He has teamed up with Jeff Mahin to not only supply the amazing cookies but also a gourmet lunch. Phil swears by Jeff’s cookies and after our first sample before our ride, we are sold too.

As we look over the three route options we can see that Phil is looking to challenge everyone starting with his 46 mile Sugar Cookie ride featuring 3300 ft of elevation and an amazing section of PCH overlooking the coast. Next, the challenge is bumped up to what Phil thinks will be the most popular route and what he is calling the Chocolate Chip. Now this route will be a big jump in difficulty at 87 miles and 8700 ft of elevation including Encinal Canyon and the Mulholland Climb from PCH. This route will also include an optional dirt climb up Sycamore Canyon then to the finish.

Phil enjoying a pre-ride treat.

Now for the brave and the more willing Phil is offering the Double Fudge ride that may be double the challenge and double the fun. As Phil said, “you will earn your cookies” on this ride after 118 miles and a solid 12,500 ft of elevation. This route will traverse much further across Mulholland to Stunt and then down Los Flores to PCH.  Then you’re treated to a 15-mile cruise up the coast before making your way back into the mountains. This route will also include the dirt climb up Sycamore Canyon but it’s not optional and will be timed.

Looking over the optional and final dirt section.

All in all this event looks like a great one full of challenging routes and amazing cookies to add to the already congested fondo season. If you’re looking for double the fun we suggest traveling in early and supporting the Mike Nosco Memorial Bicycle Ride only a few days before then riding with Phil three days later. You never know he may be at both as he has also supported the Michael P. Nosco Foundation in the past.

For more info visit http://www.philsfondo.com/

The dirt is a good option for those looking for a bit of adventure.

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