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Mavic TDF Limited Edition Products

July is about the heroes. It is when legends are made … or broken. It is a celebration of cycling in its purest form where precise preparation, attention to the finest details and determination, at all costs, are rewarded. The arena winds through the diverse regions of a country that has deep roots in the evolution of cycling and the fate of the protagonists. When July approaches, France is both feared and coveted in the same breath and only a few will emerge with her blessing to be one of the greats.

To celebrate the 2018 Tour de France we offer two wheels that celebrate the regions of France that define three of the most exciting weeks of cycling. From Pays de la Loire to Brittany, along the famed cobbles of Paris-Roubaix, into the Alps and then the Pyrenees until finally reaching the Champs-Elysees … the 2018 Tour de France will be one for the ages.

Introducing the Cosmic Ultimate Tubular TdF, trusted by Romain Bardet and the AG2R La Mondiale Cycling Team and the all-new Cosmic Pro Carbon UST TdF. These limited-edition wheels feature a subtle yet striking graphic that brings each region to life making them the ultimate memento for this year’s grand tour. Vive le Tour.

Cosmic Ultimate Tubular TDF

The best combination of light, stiff and aero, proven in the UCI World Tour by the world’s top road cyclists. These are the Formula One of road racing wheels. Now available in a special and exclusive Tour de France edition.

Ultimate is not just a name, it’s the word we reserve for perfection. And it’s how we define this wheelset. The Cosmic Ultimate was introduced 10 years ago and quickly became the wheel choice for pro racers seeking a competitive advantage. With a NACA-inspired 40mm deep, 25mm wide full-carbon tubular rim profile, 20 super-bladed spokes, and high, thin carbon hub flanges, it offers a clear and proven aero advantage. It’s also ultra-stiff thanks to the unidirectional carbon fiber spokes that don’t stretch. These spokes run continuously from one edge of the rim to the other through the hubs (R2R technology) creating one single spoke instead of two. This eliminates the need to mechanically attach the spokes to the hub.

The rear rim is asymmetrical to improve the drive-side bracing angle, so spoke tension is balanced and the wheel stays stiff under the heaviest lateral loads such as sprints or attacks. The rim is made of 12k carbon fibers wrapped over a super rigid foam core. Full-carbon construction means the whole wheel is incredibly light at just 1250g. Our unique iTgMax technology delivers reliable and consistent braking performance in both wet and dry conditions. It’s no surprise the Cosmic Ultimate is pro’s choice for the most challenging World Tour races.


1250 g pair – F 555 g / R 695 g
$3749 (Available July 2018)

Cosmic Pro Carbon UST TDF

Celebrate the passion of the Tour de France and experience the proven all-rounder road performance that’s synonymous with the Cosmic Pro name. The Cosmic Pro Carbon has traditionally been favored primarily for fast, flat races, but recent improvements have boosted this wheel’s versatility. Now it delivers incredible all-rounder performance at a lighter weight (1650g) and a price that can’t be beat. And this version honors the 2018 Tour de France with a special look.

Engineered with Mavic UST technology, the Cosmic Pro Carbon UST offers all the benefits of tubeless, including less rolling resistance, a smoother ride quality and a reduced risk of flats. The rims are made using our iTgMax process, which not only minimizes weight, but also improves braking performance. The 40mm deep rims are NACA compliant for low drag and excellent crosswind stability, and their lighter weight results in reduced inertia for explosive acceleration and climbing efficiency. The Cosmic Pro Carbon UST TDF is completed with 25mm Yksion Pro UST tires for maximum rolling efficiency, grip and a smooth, comfortable ride.


1650 g pair – F 745 g / R 905 g
$1800 (Available July 2018)

Mavic Limited Edition Factor O2

Built around the new Cosmic Ultimate wheels, this Factor O2 is meant to perform at the highest level. Both the wheels and the frame are proven on the World Tour and are the products that Romain Bardet trusts on his quest for yellow. The timeless design is a subtle celebration of the iconic routes of the 2018 Tour de France.

Comete Ultimate Tour de France Edition – Romain Bardet

In celebration of the 2018 Tour de France, Romain Bardet will be wearing a Comete Ultimate shoe to give him a measurable advantage in the mountains. The unique graphic on the shoes celebrates the regions of France that will define the race and determine this year’s winner.

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