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Welcome to the December 4th, Mid-Week Report! 

Welcome to the December 4th, Mid-Week Report!



World Tour Teams Bikes – Lotto Soudal – Ridley Noah Fast

For the day after you just stuffed your face with food, here is a bit of motivation to get out and pedal. This Lotto Soudal Ridley Noah Fast is paired with a sweet Campagnolo Gruppo.  It is ridden by Adam Blythe and would easily qualify for a #slamthatstem nomination. To build one of your own or for more info head to www.ridley-bikes.com


As frustrating as it is sometimes, there are only so many hours of daylight available when we can still get some good miles in. Of course, there are also those of us who yearn for the sun to go down simply because the days are full of other priorities or just to get in some cooler temps. No matter why you choose to ride at night, there is still the need to see where you’re going.

The Taz has four settings, as well as the option to use the side amber lights in each mode. There is a low level that they claim offers 500 lumens, medium that offers 1000 lumens, and the high setting that offers 2000 lumens, as well as a pulse mode. The pulse offers 500 lumens with the top two lights on constant and the lower beam pulses for daytime use.
The front element has two sections—top and bottom. The top is a more focused beam that has two LEDs, while the lower single LED is more of a wide flood beam.
For run-time we found that all of the claimed times were spot-on except the pulse mode, which they claim almost nine hours, but during our testing we only got six hours. The 2000-lumen high setting offers one and a half hours, 1000-lumen medium offers three hours, while 500-lumen low offers six hours.
There are two buttons on the top of the body that control power setting and are under-lit to identify power remaining. On the bottom side there is a micro-USB port used for charging. The unit took a little over four hours to charge from a completely exhausted battery. The light is waterproof IP67, and even after a few drops our unit shows no signs of fatigue.
The Taz came with two different mounting options. The first is the bar strap that even works well on aero bars as long as they aren’t too wide because the strap is a bit short. The second option is a GoPro interface that works well as long as you can get the thumbscrew tight.
The first impressions of the Taz are very good. It is easy to mount, easy to charge, and after figuring out how to take it out of lock mode, it’s very easy to use thanks to its four settings. For most of our road riding we leave the light in the low setting and have more than enough light at 500 lumens. We really only turned it up for fast descents. The Pulse mode is good if you want a light that is easily seen by oncoming traffic as the sun is setting; otherwise, we didn’t use it much.
The beam on the Taz is one of the things we like the most, as it was easy to focus the beam where we needed it, but thanks to the third LED that fills in the void between the front wheel and the focused beam. Battery life is easy to monitor, as the power button cycles through a few different colors to identify the level remaining. If there is one thing that bothered us, it was that when the road got rough the light was a bit nose-heavy and would adjust down. This was rare, but did happen a few times during testing.
Price: $250
Weight: 221 grams with bar mount



Press Release: Ciclista-America is excited to announce a brand new shoe from Sidi.  The Sixty is designed to be light, sleek, and efficient, while commemorating the outstanding achievement of Sidi’s 60 year anniversary. The Sixty is Sidi’s lightest cycling shoe.

The microfiber Techpro upper is vented and streamlined for aesthetics and weight savings.

Sidi’s newest and lightest integrated heel cup is reinforced to keep its shape during prolonged use while stabilizing and supporting the foot during hard efforts.  Reflex inserts have been added for greater visibility.

High security Velcro is used with polymer teeth that engage onto each other locking the Velcro in place and prolonging the Velcro’s life.

The Vent Carbon Sole is handmade exclusively of 3k carbon fiber in a weave pattern oriented at opposing angles that maximize stiffness while allowing for a small degree of controlled flex at the toe area.  The biomechanically relieves stress on the plantar tendon and promotes circulation,

The replaceable sole vents can be used open or closed depending on weather conditions.  The vents also work as water drains when used in triathlons.  The soles also feature a Look memory eyelet for easy cleat alignment and replaceable heel pad.

Price: $449.99

Available Colors and Sizes     
Black Sizes 40-48, half-sizes 40.5-46.5
White/Black Sizes 41-48, half-sizes 42.5-46.5
Red/Black Sizes 41-48, half-sizes 41.5-46.5
Blue/Black Sizes 41-48, half-sizes 41.5-46.5


Fitness—that’s what it takes to ride a bike. The apparel company Fitter is committed to promoting an active lifestyle through their brand. Company founder Espen Kateraas is a committed cyclist himself who started the SoCal-based company in 2015 after he became disillusioned with the current cycling shoe market where he felt that too often the scales tipped towards higher prices instead of more value.

The company is based on a consumer-direct sales model, which helps keep the prices down.

Fitter’s latest savings offer comes in the form of a pre-order deal available until December 15. Included is a pair of the updated 2020 road and new off-road shoes with a free pair of socks as a bonus.



Photo: Nils Langner

Press release: Registration opens Friday, November 15 at high noon (PST)! The most unique cycling event in the country, the Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride (BWR), returns dirtier than ever for its ninth consecutive edition of pedaling perversity with an unexpected boost by way of the absence of the Amgen Tour of California. Created as an extremely challenging race in the spirit of the great European one-day Spring Classics, the BWR returns to North County San Diego on May 3, 2019 with a Belgique theme unlike anything the cycling world has ever tasted is sure to test World Tour and Continental Pros in untold ways. This year the event will offer a larger prize purse than ever before for the deepest PRO field ever assembled for an event of its kind. As expected with the explosive growth of the BWR, there will be an expanded Canyon Pure Cycling Expo at the Lost Abbey Brewery in San Marcos, California, where the race is held each year.

The Canyon BWR will be offering a prize purse to the top ten riders, both female and male, in support of what will be the most exciting and competitive professional field ever assembled for the ‘Hell of the North (County).’ Once again, the women will receive a larger prize purse than the men. Racers and event patrons will again be treated to Belgian waffles, moules-frites, cheese, bread, Lost Abbey Belgian ale, more waffles and more Lost Abbey ale on race day. The Waffle race itself promises masochistic punishment of entrants along a 221-kilometer course, which features more than 12,000 feet of undulating climbs and over 50-miles of off-road terrain that harken to the teeth-rattling cobblestones of Europe’s most grueling race routes.


After two successful fondos earlier this year in Greenville South Carolina and Boise, Idaho Gran Fondo Hicapie has two more events lined up for 2020. Join a host of current and former pro riders on the roads of Fort Worth, Texas and Chattanooga, Tennessee on March 28 and May 2 2020.

Website: www.hincapie.com/granfondo


2020, here we come! Mark you calendars for the 15th annual Garmin Dirty Kanza on May 30, 2020. Thank you for making this year’s race one of the best ever.

The random selection process for the 2020 race will open on January 6 through January 19. Selections will then be made on or before January 27.



The Rift is a gravel race through the dark lava fields in the highlands of Iceland – taking place on the tectonic split between North America and Eurasia. An ever-growing battlefield that grows an inch every year.

The battlefield sculpted by volcanic eruptions is vast, rugged and unpredictable – making the Rift a challenge of endurance, mental fortitude and most likely the bare elements. And in the end – a gravel battle between the continents!

The course starts out of a small town along the southern coast called Hvolsvöllur. This incredible shoreline stretches from the greater Reykjavík area in the west to the magnificent Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon in the east. It is lined with countless natural wonders such as cascading waterfalls, black sand beaches, glaciers and volcanos – circumnavigating one of the most active volcanos on the island, Hekla.

Website: www.therift.bike


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