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Rally's new bike, CTS tips, and the Mississippi Gravel Cup
Happy New Year! New tips from CTS to help you stay fit, a new bike for Rally and events from across the country. Welcome to the January 1st Mid-Week Report!



By: Chris Carmichael

Move Your Feet Faster

As a proponent of cycling with higher cadences for many years, and I still say moving your feet faster is one of the best and simplest ways to generate more power and spread workload between skeletal muscles and the cardiovascular system. When athletes get tired, their cadence slows. If your “cruising” cadence is 80rpm to begin with and gets slower from there, you’re in for a hard grind.

There is no perfect cadence for all cyclists, but I have yet to work with a rider who didn’t benefit from trying to increase the cadence they could comfortably maintain at an endurance pace and the cadence they could sustain during high power efforts.

Training to increase your comfortable and sustainable cadence requires minimal disruption to the training you’re already doing. The adaptation you’re after is primarily neuromuscular, meaning you can achieve it at the same workloads you’re using to develop energy systems. It’s more a matter of being deliberate and making a higher cadence a priority within the rides and intervals you’re already doing. (There are exceptions, however, like intervals that require high torque and low cadence to be effective.)

Train for Strength Year Round

Strength training should not be an off-season addition to your endurance training. Unless your ability to make a living is predicated on how fast you can go uphill, striving to satisfy cycling’s obsession with being light is doing you more harm than good. There’s a balance that needs to be achieved, and year-round strength training is the best way to get there.

Non-professional cyclists over 40 should prioritize being strong as high or higher than being light. And I mean being strong on and off the bike. I mean lower body and upper body and muscles that have nothing to do with going faster on a bicycle. I want you to be the best cyclist you can be, but before that I want you be the best athlete you can be.

Year round strength training will keep you in the game longer. It will reduce the number of cycling-specific training days you miss by making you more prepared for any physical challenge life throws at you. Strength training makes you harder to knock down, literally and figuratively. And as you get older, the cumulative benefits of strength training on muscles, bones, balance, and proprioception help you stay active and vital well after your age mates are confined to the Lazy-Boy… or worse.

Above all, make the commitment to take care of yourself in 2019. The world will blithely stand by and watch as you grind yourself into the ground. There are times and good reasons to put your career and family first, but at the end of the day no one else will prioritize your wellbeing until you do. Let’s do that in 2019!


Press Release

Rally UHC Cycling is proud to announce a three-year partnership with California-based Felt Bicycles. The Southern California company will supply both the Pro Continental Men’s and UCI Women’s programs with Felt FR Disc road bikes and Felt DA time trial rigs.

“Felt will play an integral part in our team’s performance at some of the world’s biggest races,” said Managing Director Charles Aaron. “They’ve proven themselves year-after-year by making some of the best performance-driven bicycles on the planet and we can’t imagine a better bicycle brand to be partnered with.”

Full Article





With the 2019 race season just weeks away, it’s time to consider your next start line. Renew now, save on your license fees, and get race ready with a free one-hour coaching consult with a USA Cycling Certified Coach.



Mississippi Gravel Cup is the brainchild of three guys who love bikes and gravel: Matt Roland, Jason Shearer, and Landon Voller. They have spent the past several years both riding gravel and watching how gravel racing has caught the interest of cycling communities around the country. They began discussing the idea of having a series in their home state so that cyclists who were curious about gravel could experience this fun and challenging type of cycling.

The races are held in four very different parts of the state, so riders can enjoy different terrains for each race. Between the varying grades of gravel and the ever-changing course conditions, these four races provide just about everything you could ask for in a gravel series. Add to that the unique culture and personality that comes with those who love this type of course and format, and you’ll find yourself in the perfect place for an exciting and inspiring ride!





The registration process described pertains to the 200-mile, 100-mile, 50-mile, and 25-mile distance options for the 2019 Dirty Kanza.  (DKXL and High School will utilize separate processes.)

Individuals will have the opportunity to submit their name for participation in the 2019 Dirty Kanza from January 1, 2019 at 8:00 am CST, until January 13, 2019 at 11:59 pm CST. Registration for event entry selection will be free of charge. However, credit card information will be collected at the time you submit your name for consideration. Your credit card will be charged only if you are accepted to participate in the event.

Registration info here

Leadville Trail 100 Registration Open 

Entrance into the 2019 Leadville Trail 100 MTB Lottery is now open (as of Saturday, December 1st, 2018 at 10 A.M. MT). The lottery will remain open until Monday, December 31st, 2018 at 11:59 P.M MT. Winners will be notified in mid-January and automatically charged the $450 registration fee.

You may register for the LT100 MTB Lottery as an individual or a group. A maximum of four family members, friends or teammates can click the group registration option. Group members will register individually, however use the exact group name to signify being part of a group. This will mean that either your entire group will be successful in the lottery or not – assuring no one will be left out! Please note that if a member of your group has completed the LT100 MTB under the designated sub-12 hour cut-off eight or more times or they have volunteered 10+ hours in the 2018 season they will be forfeiting their guaranteed entry.


Peter Sagan (SVK – Bora – Hansgrohe)

Early Bird Rate: $125 per person for long and medium routes. $35 per person for non-competitive “Rollout” option (23 non-timed miles).


  • Of course, the opportunity to ride with and meet 3x World Road Racing Champion Peter Sagan!
  • Traffic controlled intersections *(See “Ride Rules” on “More Info page”)
  • Competitive categories and prizes to top finishers (except “Rollout”)
  • Post-Race festival entry
  • Sumptuous, abundant post-ride meal
  • Beer for participants over 21

Register Here: https://www.saganfondo.com/dirt/truckee

Would you like to see events closer to you? Send a link to david@roadbikeaction.com

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