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By Dr. Johnathan Edwards

If the many crashes of this year’s Tour de France has reminded cyclists of two things, it’s that 1. crashing is hard on the skin, and, 2, if dealt with properly, any amount of road rash doesn’t have to prevent you from riding – just ask Primoz Roglic!

Before diving into the treatment of road rash, the most important thing to consider after any crash is first to determine the extent of your injuries. Did you break anything? Did you hit your head? Do you have difficulty breathing, joint swelling, or difficulty moving about? Then you likely have an injury that needs a proper medical assessment, and you should go to urgent care or the emergency department.

Let’s assume that all of the above is fine, and now we are looking at your wound. Can you see beneath the skin? Can you see something that looks like fat or muscle? Can you see tendons? Has it been a while since your last tetanus shot? If any of these problems are present, you need to see a doctor. Nothing disrupts the rhythm of a great cycling experience other than looking for urgent care or a hospital, but it’s sometimes necessary.




One important performance difference between rim brakes and disc brakes that I do not see being mentioned is the rotating mass that disc brakes add to the bike. It is well-known among racecar engineers that rotating mass needs to be minimized because it has a greater effect on acceleration than a non-rotating mass. The disc part of the disc brake is the rotating mass. There is no doubt that disc brakes are more effective at slowing heavy vehicles, such as heavy bikes or cars. However, for most bike applications, rim brakes do a more than adequate job at braking bikes. This has been proven many times over with pro riders in the Tour de France. Any time speed changes, rotating mass resists the change, increasing the time it takes to change speed. Whenever getting from point A to point B in the shortest time matters, rim brakes on bikes will outperform disc brakes.

While I completely agree with you that lowering rotational mass is important, the moving of the braking system is much more complex than you imply. When you think of racing in motorsports, the importance of precise and dependable braking is so valuable that the weight penalty always outweighs the lighter option. Think of the size of a racecar rotor, especially the front of motorcycles with dual rotors (one on each side in the front.) This added weight doesn’t hinder, but, in turn, adds surface area for heat dissipation, as well as stopping power. This is the same on a bicycle where moving the excess material closer to the hub diminishes its effects rotationally while maximizing returns.




Mark Cavendish had some not-so-nice words for his mechanic as he prepared for the start of stage 19. In the midst of his comeback to the top ranks of WorldTour sprinters and favored to win the stage, Cavendish screamed in anger “Sort it out now” followed by some choice expletives that could be heard from outside the Deceuninck Quick Step team bus after he stormed in.




Tadej Pogacar (SLO – UAE Team Emirates) – Rigoberto Uran (COL – EF Education – Nippo)

UAE Team Emirates leader Tadej Pogacar had an almost unbreakable grip on a second straight Tour de France with a solid ride in Saturday’s time trial, here we look at some of the key moments along the road.

The first sign

As the Tour embarked from the Atlantic sea-port of Brest a roadside spectator waving a sign for the TV cameras brought down half the peloton in a mass domino-effect pile up, with two of Ineos’ quartet of title pretenders Tao Geoghegan Hart and Richie Porte trundling across the line with their Tour hopes in tatters.




For a company originally known as Wilderness Trail Bikes (before eventually adapting the more widely used acronym “WTB”), you would expect that riding among rocks, roots, dirt and gravel would be known all too well by a longtime mountain bike brand. 

Innovators in knobby rubber since the late 1980s, WTB has since found that gravel riding has given them a ticket to utilize their mountain bike learnings for the drop-bar set. WTB has taken advantage of their years of creating durable, price-conscious, mass-production gear to enter the gravel market with trusted designs coming out of their NorCal headquarters. 

Joining the brand’s half-dozen gravel-specific tires is an alloy, entry-level wheelset dubbed the Proterra Light. Available in two sizes—700c and 650b—each with a respective rim width of 23- and 25mm, the Proterra series is the first gravel-oriented build from the brand. Up for review are the 700c Proterra Light i23s.




Tadej Pogacar won a second successive Tour de France on Sunday, hailing his victory as “an incredible adventure” as Wout van Aert claimed the final stage on the Champs-Elysees in Paris after three weeks of thrilling action. Pogacar stole in at the 11th hour to win the 2020 edition, but this year he stamped his authority in the first week before he pulled on the yellow jersey beneath the Arc de Triomphe as the undisputed champion, aged just 22.

“We did it,” he said with a huge smile.

“It was one thing last year, the first win, I didn’t cry this year,” he said glowing in his big moment and thanking everyone with his parents and siblings all present.

“I hope we can all come back next year without masks.

“It’s been an incredible adventure being part of this cycling family,” he said dedicating his latest triumph to “all cycling fans everywhere.”




We are excited that after last year’s event was cancelled, the San Diego (actually San Marcos) round of the Belgian Waffle Ride is being held this weekend. Located just a few miles off the coast to enjoy the first big event, thousands of riders are headed to the sunny SoCal city to take part in one of three distance events (and first of a four race series).

This is the 9th anniversary of the San Diego event since it didn’t run in 2020 like most other events. From the beginning, RBA has participated with former RBA Editor Neil Shirley (kinda) winning the first three editions (he forfeited his first win because he and a few others were navigated off the official course).

With it brings the stress of choosing a bike, tires, gears and all the other small nuances that come along with a big day on the bike in the heat of a SoCal summer. BWR has grown from its early days in San Diego to a series of four events held across the country, with each being unique and very different. What hasn’t changed much is that we still see the Sand Diego version as an epic road ride with a bit of dirt (and sand) mixed in.

Check out RBA’s (winning) BWR bike selection from back in 2016




Press Release

The 6th Edition of Eroica California will be back in Cambria on the 18th and 19th of September 2021. Under the warm Central Coast sunshine, the team has been building new and nurturing old relationships with our surrounding communities to ensure Eroica California 2021 will be the best edition yet.

We are now open registration at $150, so register now for the best-value Coastal California Eroica Experience. The crashing waves and ocean breeze off the Cambria coast are cooling things off as we ride into the fall season. We wish you all happy and safe riding!

Register here

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