By Zap

In the short course of just a few months I had come to witness the winning power and competitiveness of 26 year-old Moriah “Mo” Wilson.  It was at the Rock Cobbler in March where I first witnessed her on the bike.  And then at the Belgian Waffle Ride a bunch of us stood trackside on the notorious Double Peak Climb as she rode away, alone, from all her competitors. Her victory at BWR was as impressive as it was inspiring. With Unbound Gravel right around the corner, I had every expectation that the gravel world would see her atop the podium one more time.

And then this week we heard the terrible news that Mo was killed in a shooting in Austin, Texas. Our condolences go out to Moriah’s family and the greater gravel community who, like us, are saddened at the loss, but fortunate to see her at her best.

Moriah Wilson shares a pre-race moment at the Belgian Waffle Ride with Peter Stetina.

Top Photo: BWR

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