NAHBS 2019 Day 1

This weekend in Sacramento!

Since its beginnings in Houston, Texas in 2005 the North American Handmade Bicycle Show has been the place to show off the creativity and craftsmanship of the cycling industry. Since then, the show has grown from 23 booths to nearly 200. Of all the beautiful bikes on display at the 2019 North American Handmade Bicycle Show these few immediately caught our eye.


A beautiful frame from the late Dario Pegoretti. Frames from Pegoretti continue to impress us, beautifully built and painted the Italian artist’s legacy thrives at NAHBS.


Craig Calfee displayed his original carbon frame. Calfee built the fork and braided the stem too! There’ll be a closer look at the OG Calfee in an upcoming issue.


Shamrock Cycles offers a full compliment of road, city, touring, ‘cross and mountain bike frames.


Visit for info on how to attend this year’s show.

Photos: John Ker

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