New Bike: BMC Roadmachine X

BMC release a new bike built for adventure

Press Release – BMC Switzerland unveils a new road bike with an appetite for adventure, the new Roadmachine X, a versatile bike for riders who expect high performance in any riding situation. The Roadmachine X is engineered to deliver performance and functionality in a minimal package that renders it a fine demonstration of Swiss design.

Whether endless adventure rides, dirt road day-trips, or on the backroad commute, the Roadmachine X is a free spirit designed to explore.

“The new Roadmachine X completes the Roadmachine collection,” explains Mart Otten, Senior Product Manager Road at BMC Switzerland. “This versatile bike is tailored for those who love adventure road riding and sometimes like to go further even when the road ends, but it serves just as well as commuting companion.”

To achieve this versatility, BMC engineers utilized the Tuned Compliance Concept technology. Otten continues, “TCC Endurance technology delivers superior compliance, both on road and off the beaten path. It takes the edge off the uneven roads for a fast and forgiving ride and the highest degree of vertical deflection.”

Capable and Adventure-Ready

Due to stable, versatile geometry, its reliable components and its all-road wheelset, the Roadmachine X delivers premium performance and handling on almost any terrain. The hidden mounts for fenders and racks and the all-road tubeless wheelset turn the Roadmachine X into a commuter or all-weather bike. Wide tubeless rims and 34mm tires allow exploring any terrain with confidence. The long front-end improves control, while the short chainstays reward the rider with rapid accelerations. It’s a modern geometry that combines stability on loose terrain and snappiness for asphalt.

Compliance and Control

Road bikes don’t typically feature active suspension elements, but that does not mean BMC shelved the concept of a comfier ride. BMC develops its frames using a systematic approach, engineering each purpose-built bike to suit the needs of its rider. TCC is applied to achieve the requisite amount of vertical compliance and lateral stiffness to deliver a tailored riding experience.

The Roadmachine X features TCC Endurance, the most capable version of BMC’s Tuned Compliance Concept technology. It takes the edge off the roughest roads using the Angle Compliance technology, where specific areas of the frame move in predefined patterns when subjected to vertical loads generating exact amounts of vertical compliance without compromising lateral stiffness. The end result is the ultimate balance between comfort and performance for a ride that is both forgiving and fast. BMC’s TCC Endurance technology delivers front-to-back compliance and control for an efficient ride on any terrain. Additional control and compliance are delivered through our Premium Carbon fork.

Functional and Minimalist

Well-thought-out features like internal cable routing blend in with the clean, minimalist design in true Swiss style. Flat-mount brakes for improved durability and a clean and integrated aesthetic. The result is functional, and of equal importance – service-friendly.

Sizing, Geometry, and Models

The new Roadmachine X is available in sizes 47cm, 51cm, 54cm, 56cm, 58cm, 61cm.

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