We think 160 grams is super light

CADEX, the manufacturer of high-performance cycling products, announced today the launch of a new product line category with the release of the CADEX Race handlebar. The bars weigh just 160g (size 420mm) and feature a CADEX-developed one-piece molding process. The CADEX Race handlebar is available starting from select authorized CADEX retailers and online.The CADEX Race handlebar features a precision one-piece carbon fiber layup technique developed by the team at CADEX. This single-piece composite construction eliminates the excessive weight and inherent flex found in the bonded joints of traditional three-piece bars, resulting in a bar that is incredibly lightweight and stiff.

Ergonomics have also been optimized in the CADEX Race handlebar with the tops featuring a gently curved design and a flattened rear section. This shape provides riders with an expanded range of hand and thumb positions, while also dampening and absorbing road vibrations, minimizing fatigue, and providing lasting comfort for all-day efforts. The drops feature an easy-to-grip elliptical shape with a 72mm reach. This measurement optimizes the ability for the rider to have a quick transition from a resting position on the top of the bars to a controlled position in the hoods. The 125mm drop allows for a rapid transition from the hoods to the drops, ideal for the sprint.

“In our never-ending pursuit of pinnacle product, we wanted to greatly improve one of the most important touchpoints on the bike—the handlebar,” commented Jeff Schneider, Head of Product and Marketing at CADEX. “The Race bar utilizes much of the cutting-edge carbon layup technology found in our CADEX hookless rims, but the biggest achievement was creating an innovative one-piece road bar that eliminates the excessive weight and inherent flex found in the bonded joints of traditional three-piece handlebars. Combined with our optimized ergonomics, the result is an impressive 160g weight for a 42cm bar that doesn’t compromise on stiffness, strength, or comfort.”

Key Features

  • One-Piece Construction
  • Advanced one-piece mold manufacturing process and carbon fiber layup offer outstanding stiffness and durability at an ultralight weight.
  • Short Reach and Shallow DropoA reach of 72mm and a drop of 125mm enables a quick transition from the bar tops and hoods, for added control when switching hand positions.
  • Elliptical DropsoAn elliptical drop design improves grip while boosting bar stiffness.
  • Ergonomic ShapingoThe flattened rear section provides comfortable thumb contact and the gently curved top section offers superior grip and hand support during long rides.
  • Di2 Compatible with Shimano Di2 bar-end style junction (EW-RS 910)

Technical Specifications

  • Full carbon bar
  • Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm
  • Width: 380mm | 400mm | 420mm | 440mm
  • Drop: 125mm (120mm for 380mm)
  • Reach: 72mm (68mm for 380mm)
  • Weight: 154g (380mm) | 157g (400mm) | 160g (420mm) | 165g (440mm)

Price: $370

In addition to the CADEX Race handlebar, CADEX also offers cyclists several other high-performance cycling components, including hookless carbon road WheelSystems, 4-Spoke Aero and Aero Disc WheelSystems for TT and triathlon applications, Race and Classics tubeless tires, as well as the Boost saddle.

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