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With cross season in full effect now we sometimes get caught up with the US landscape of grass fields and dirt parking lots which are the majority of the courses here in the US, mainly in Southern California. Wout Van Aert though shows off what cross really means by ripping this muddy down hill during a Superprestige event. / PC Bettini


If you’re looking for a good deal to snag this coming Black Friday be sure to head over to for 40% whichever shoe your wanting to snag. We might snag a few as well with that type of deal!


There’s a few bikes through out the year that will have all us editor’s fighting over it to be the one who gets to review it and this Lightweight Urgestalt is one of them. At under 15 lbs and a price tag over $14,000 this isn’t your typical bike which you will find down at your local bike shop. We took it down to the studio yesterday for this Facebook live video and tomorrow we give it a “First Look” before beginning our testing process on it.

The crazy part being that you can get this bike well over that 14k price tag if you would like to have Sram e-tap group set on it and put the more “higher end” wheels on. These $4,500 wheels are more of Lightweight’s “entry level” pair.


I had the opportunity to sit down with Tim Johnson where he filled us in on his eventful career from racing on the road domestically, to trying out cyclocross and then later his thoughts on racing the road in Europe and how he viewed what was going on at the time. We talked about why he wanted to come back to the states where he almost quit cycling but found a new joy in cyclocross where he found great success.

The Road Bike Action Show is available on iTunes, Stitcher & Soundcloud.


With the popularity of crit racing in the US it looks to draw some more attention as the make up of the US crit series has big plans for next year. Eleven races will be on the calendar with $100,000 prize purse and a new online streaming broadcast.

The video broadcast will be a subscription based live stream that will also show rider profiles, onboard live action as well as the racing. Subscribers will also be able to watch post race recaps after. Each race will have a $10,000 pay out to the men and women’s field.

2018 US Crit Schedule:

April 28: Athens Orthopedic Clinic (AOC) Twilight Criterium, Athens, Georgia
May 26: Winston-Salem Cycling Classic, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
June 1: Oklahoma City Pro-Am Classic, Midtown, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
June 17: Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic, New York, New York
July 6: Natural State Criterium Series: New American Town Criterium, Bentonville, Arkansas
July 14: Andersen Schwartzman Woodard Brailsford (ASWB) Twilight Criterium, Boise, Idaho
July 28: San Rafael Sunset Criterium, San Rafael, California
August 4: Littleton Twilight Criterium, Littleton, Colorado
August 11: Benchmark Twilight Cycling Classic, West Chester, Pennsylvania
September 2: Gateway Cup: Giro Della Montagna, St. Louis, Missouri
September 15: USA CRITS Championship Series Finals: Location TBA, Northeastern USA


More than one hundred twenty human rights organizations, trade unions, ethical tourism associations, sports and faith-based groups from over 20 countries issued an international call urging premier cycling event Giro d’Italia to move its 2018 “Big Start” from Israel due to its grave and escalating violations of international law and Palestinians’ human rights.

Giro d’Italia is working with Israeli company Comtec Group, the organizer the “Big Start” event, which has activities in illegal Israeli settlements. In official race imagery, maps and videos, Giro d’Italia is deceptively portraying East Jerusalem, which has been under Israeli military occupation for fifty years, as if it were part of Israel and the unified capital of the State of Israel.

The call urges race owner RCS MediaGroup “to move the start of the race to another country to ensure no involvement in Israeli violations of international law and Palestinian human rights.”


Source Endurance and the Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride have teamed up for the third year in a row for the Belgian Waffle Ride Survival Camp 3.0, coming to San Marcos January 12-14, 2018.

The pro-style camp kicks off with the 2018 official course reveal of yet another Belgian Waffle Ride full of insanity, challenge, and the unparalleled experience for which the event has become infamous. Riders will split the gravel and multi-terrain course reconnaissance over the three-day fully-supported camp while getting the benefit of long endurance riding and bike-handling work. Survivalists are not limited to BWR participants, although each participant does receive an entry to the famous event.

Find out more about camp details and availability here.


The good people over at Gore apparel have decided to give away one of their top of the line One 1985 Gore-Tex Shakedry jacket. This jacket retails for $300 and is an amazing product. Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram to find out how you can win this jacket. We will pick our winner tomorrow during turkey day.

Gore Jacket: Retro design meets innovative GORE-TEX® Active technology: the sequel to the GORE BIKE WEAR® racing jacket has a two-way zip for added comfort on the bike. Innovation: the back pocket functions as a storage bag when the jacket is not in use.


Ryno Power Endurance is for all workouts, all the time. It is formulated from years of trial and error to find the best, most effective ingredients and eliminate those unnecessary and harmful. Take Endurance and open your blood vessels to deliver more oxygen while removing more lactic acid during workouts and competitions! Our unique blend of all natural Rhodiola Rosea extract and other proven and safe ingredients offers premiere performance and lets you train or compete for hours!

Well, that’s all for this weeks Mid-Week Report. Be sure to check back every Wednesday to see the latest news, views and products that have come our way. If you have any questions, comments or requests, let us know: [email protected]



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