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The Tour of Utah has come and gone. There was some good racing on hand but the lack of World Tour teams showed as it was Rob Britton from the continental team Rally Pro Cycling who took the win. By far the biggest win in Rob’s career. This now makes it two years in a row which a continental level rider has won Utah with last year’s winner being Morton on the Jelly Belly squad.


Alberto Contador has decided to call it an end to his career. Contador will finish out the season while riding his home grand tour the Vuelta where he will be wearing the number one bib. I don’t imagine Contador will have much to do with battling for the overall as the field looks almost as impressive as the Tour. He surely will be going for stages though to make sure he goes out with some sort of victory. Contador has had an eventful career with his grand tour success, battling internally with Armstrong and his doping suspension. Ever since coming back from his suspension though we never really saw the Alberto from the past.


Speaking of Armstrong I’m sure he’s not feeling too sorry to see Alberto go as he is back in the news for his own reasons. After his very successful “Stages” podcast which ran everyday through out the Tour de France Lance linked up with the new Colorado race which is set to start tomorrow. Lance was considered a “media partner” for the event to give his daily post stage recap. That didn’t sit too well with WADA though and some angry fans as he is still serving his lifetime ban. The Colorado race finally succumbed to the pressure and had to end ties with Lance being part of the race. In typical Lance fashion though that didn’t stop him as he found a new public venue which isn’t associated with the race and he will now be doing his daily podcast recaps from there. His “Stages” podcast was so successful through out the Tour that he reached over five million downloads over the three week period.


The new Colorado Classic starts tomorrow and runs for the next four days. They are taking a new approach to bike racing in the US which can be good for the longevity of the event. We all know how many races come and go these days with them losing a substantial amount of money each year. The four days of racing are made up of four circuit races and will have concerts and festivities going on as well. Not your average approach similar to Utah, California and the way the US Pro Challenge used to be. This may be a way though that keeps bike racing on the upward trend in the US which we so badly need. One interesting aspect I noticed was the large number of World Tour teams present. Normally those teams that come over do both Utah and Colorado, or at least that has been the way in the past. This year only one World Tour team was at Utah so I didn’t expect many more at Colorado but there are indeed quite more. A bit interesting there.

  • Stage 1:  Colorado Springs (Thursday, Aug. 10; 1:10-4:40 p.m.)
    • Presented by United Healthcare
  • Stage 2:  Breckenridge (Friday, Aug. 11;  2-4:40 p.m.)
    • Presented by Helix
  • Stage 3:  Denver / Peak to Peak Hwy out-and-back: (Saturday, Aug. 12; 1:30-4:30 p.m.)
    • Presented by Drink RiNo
  • Stage 4:  Denver city circuit (Sunday, Aug. 13; 12:20-3;15 p.m.)
    • Presented by Centura Health



The Tour of Utah is looking to change its date next year. This year they had conflicts with other festivities going on in town which excluded them from holding their traditional final stage into Park City. The said date this year as well made it hard to bring in more World Tour teams other then BMC. No date has been selected yet but they are looking to find a new date that works for the town and teams.


Sports Director Steve Bauer said all six riders are coming into the race following the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah.
“As we saw in Utah, Brent Bookwalter was strong, so it’s natural that he will be a protected rider. But, after a tough week at altitude we saw many of the guys, like Silvan Dillier, Joey Rosskopf and Manuel Senni, in good form so I think we will let the race unfold and see who is in the position to go for the overall. The key stage will be stage 2 at altitude in Breckenridge. There will be no hiding there and any of the guys could have a good day,” Bauer explained.
“Six-rider teams will make the race a lot more open. Which is why it makes sense to have a number of guys on the look out for the General Classification. You never know what group will go down the road so it’s important to cover the moves. It is only four days though so if we did find ourselves in the lead, I think we have a strong team to control the race.” 
Bookwalter is looking forward to continue his build up to the last half of the season.
“Colorado Classic definitely looks like it could be an unpredictable race. It’s four days, new stages and only six-man teams, so it will be different to the past editions of the former Tour of Colorado. The stages are a little shorter, it’s a bit more of a circuit race and like we saw on the final day in Utah, these shorter, circuit type races can be really exciting and a lot more open until the last moment,” Bookwalter said.
“I don’t think the new race favors the pure climbers like the old Colorado race did and there is no time trial. I think it will prove to be exciting racing and we will be ready after a good week at the Tour of Utah.”
Rider Roster: Tom Bohli (SUI), Brent Bookwalter (USA), Silvan Dillier (SUI), Martin Elmiger (SUI), Joey Rosskopf (USA), Manuel Senni (USA)

This would be the biggest event Norway had hosted since the Lillehammer Olympics, and the biggest event ever organised in Western Norway. The idea seamed farfetched, but would it be possible? 6,5 years later the impossible is about to happen.

The three men’s dream is coming true. The 16th-24th September the world is coming to the Bergen and the region. Meet the best riders in the world, watch great sporting feasts and experience the buzz around the event, when all eyes look to Western Norway.

Don’t miss one of the world’s biggest sporting events when the 2017 UCI Road World Championships is held in Bergen from 16th-24th of September.

The UCI Road World Championships will be the biggest summer sports event ever held in Norway, and the northernmost championships ever. The championships will comprise 12 races over nine days of competition and will bring more than 1,150 cyclists together from more than 80 participating nations. Crowds of around 500,000 are expected to watch the races, and more than 300 million will follow the championships on TV.

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