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Marcel Kittel has been on a tear during this year’s Tour. It’s been a few years since Cavendish back in his prime showed such another level on the other sprinters during the Tour. With the Tour lending to more flatter stages this year I believe it would’ve been quite the battle if Peter was still in the race for that Green Jersey. Peter would have really had to go on the attack; as he does, to gain the points needed to win that jersey as Kittel as been mopping up stage sprints. PC: Bettini



In our recent U.K. trip we had the pleasure to spend some time with former Paris-Roubaix winner and TDF stage winner Magnus Backstedt. We sat down with him for a bit to catch up on his thoughts of this season and what he’s been up to post racing career. Look for the full interview in a upcoming magazine.

*What are you up to nowadays with no longer racing?

Quite a lot actually. I commentate for Eurosport, I own a coaching company and I also have a bike set up. That all takes up a lot of my time. My real big passion though is my youth and junior development team that I’ve set up and we’ve run for a year and a half now. Basically just taking fifteen year old riders and helping guide them with the right way of training the right way of racing and understanding the tactical side of things. Giving them opportunities in Europe while taking them through out central Europe and having them race in Belgium, France and where ever we can get to so that they can race as much as possible while passing along all of my knowledge that I’ve gained over my racing career. 



Italian bike trainer manufacturer, Elite, announces a new addition to their interactive direct drive trainer line: the Direto. The Direto, expected to be available to consumers in September 2017, boasts a +/- 2.5% power accurate at a lower price point ($899), delivering one of the most accurate power meters at sub-$1000.


It utilizes the certified accuracy of the power readings of Lorenz machines, a German company that has created an industrial torque and power meter reader. Every Direto Elite will ship is tested with their Lorenz machines (certified accuracy of +/- 0.05%) and will include a QC testing/approval identity card with all the data collected during the QC procedure. This allows Elite to be quick and effective for any eventual servicing the trainer should require. For 2017, Elite invested in an additional seven Lorzen machines, to bring the total to ten, to ensure every interactive trainer will now go through this QC testing procedure. This will now include the Drivo, Direto, Rampa, and Arion Digital.



Cannondale has released their all new 2018 Synapse which falls into their endurance category. With many new changes to the bike many new attributes stand out such as the two piece SAVE (Synapse active vibration elimination) system cockpit. Cannondale took a big problem that many consumers run into with the trendy one piece bar/stem and introduced their own aero two piece system. With the new frame geometry Cannondale went to a more neutral position from their previous upright endurance geometry. Look for our write up in detail in an upcoming magazine issue and we have a full break down on the bike with one of Cannondale’s engineer, product manager and marketing manager in our new Road Bike Action podcast which will be coming out soon.



PC: Christopher See

Former professional cyclist Burke Swindlehurst has just wrapped up his seventh Crusher in the Tushar event. Burke’s event was one of the first Gravel specific events and has now turned it into one of the go to events in the US. With a 600 rider cap this event sells out very quickly. This year they had all elements of weather to deal with through out the Utah course from heat, to rain and even cold hail. Current pro Rob Squire took home the Men’s Open category and our very own contributor Janel Holcomb took home the Women’s category victory. If your looking for another top notch event to hit in ’18 be sure to look more into the Crusher.



PC: Bettini

Just to add fuel to fire of Peter being DQ’d for his incident earlier in the Tour which wasn’t really much of an incident, one aspect which stood out with the DQ of Peter was that he doesn’t have much of any past issues of an elbow or being a dirty rider. Either way though he was still asked to leave the Tour. On another note though Bouhanni punched fellow racer Jack Bauer of Quickstep and was given only a slight fine. Bouhanni has a well known history of being aggressive and throwing blows yet he still gets to continue on in the tour. Very frustrating.



Thanks to everyone who came out and joined the fun in this past weekends SPNDX Stampede Gravel event. The temperature got a bit on the warm side but everyone made it through the ride and had a good time post ride inside the venue while eating, drinking and listening to the live music.


Well that’s all for this weeks Mid-Week Report. Be sure to check back every Wednesday to see the latest news, views and products that have come our way. If you have any questions, comments or requests, let us know: [email protected]

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