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The Road Bike Action Mid-Week Report is a weekly column where we review current events and new products coming through our office with the intention of keeping you up on all the latest slick tire goings on. 


By @JonHornbeck




In our upcoming fitness issue we had the pleasure to chat with top motocross trainer Aldon Baker. Aldon has a background in professional mountain biking, nutrition, and personal training. He currently trains some of the top motocross athletes including Ryan Dungey, and has worked with past champions such as Ricky Carmichael and Ryan Villopoto. I was curious what his thoughts were when he came into the motocross scene with how the training standard was at the time. In the cycling world training is very structured with power numbers, heart rate, nutrition, altitude etc. but from my past experience with racing motocross I knew that sport was a bit behind.

“I was shocked to find out how border line terrible the nutrition and cardio side of the sport was. One thing that blew my mind was how much went into the teams and motorcycles but everything else beyond that was more or less overlooked.” Over the past seventeen years Aldon has really implemented and brought a more structured training platform to the top motocross athletes, and the results are there. You can read the full interview in our upcoming Fitness issue.



I had the opportunity to join the newly formed Elevate-KHS Pro Cycling team camp for a day in San Diego. During my time there I sat down with co-owner & director Paul Abrahams. We had a real interesting talk; video above, about the current state of US road racing and where its heading. His new domestic pro team stands out because they actually pay all of their riders. This may be a surprise but a lot of domestic teams in the US don’t pay everyone. My first year on 5 Hour Energy p/b Kenda came with a $0 salary. We also touched on what USA Cycling could be doing better in our sport with bringing in sponsors and why don’t we have a more structured approach to obtaining new sponsors and showing them the metrics of what you may be able to get out of cycling. Unfortunately races and teams in the US are disappearing and if some new approaches aren’t taken into action I’m worried what the future will look like for the US domestic scene. You can see what else we talked about by watching the full interview above.




Former professional cyclist Janel Holcomb will be contributing a new series to our website with her training/lead up to the upcoming Dirty Kanza 200. With her build up to DK200 Janel has selected a few other gravel events to ride to help her gain experience of this new style of riding. Her first event on her list was the Rock Cobbler which was held in Bakersfield, CA this past weekend. With three hundred riders on hand and an eighty-five mile course with mostly dirt this would be a good test. Unfortunately Janel had a crash which took her out of the event with a DNF. I know she will only learn from this and apply it to what she needs to work on for her upcoming assault on Dirty Kanza.

You can read her first part to her Dirty Kanza lead up series here:

Gravel Prep: Janel Holcomb




Speaking of Gravel Events I went out as well this past weekend and participated in the Rock Cobbler. Now that I’m done with my road racing career I am looking for new fun events to partake in. Anything with dirt/gravel I’m also a big fan of. The Rock Cobbler is no joke though. Now in it’s fourth year of existence the event has only grown in popularity. The course was very difficult, but once you look around at the landscape while your dodging beach balls or crossing rivers all that suffering gets put into perspective. The event had an overall “good time” feel to it as once we finished with our ride everybody told their personal war stories over many beers at the Lengthwise Brewery. The promoter of this event; Sam Ames, of SamBarn Promotions also puts on other cycling events covering road, mountain and cross. With his knowledge of grass root style events I was able to grab an interview with him on his 5 Tips to putting on an event. Look for that story to be on our site shorty.



Islabike tire

Brand: Islabikes (who make drop bar bikes with three different wheel sizes) also have some cyclocross tires to mount up. The Gréim Pro Tires have a tread pattern with a closely-spaced center line section to reduce rolling resistance on hard pack, with scaled and spaced aggressive side knobs for effective mud shedding and excellent grip in corners. The 185 TPI casing on a folding Kevlar bead incorporates skin will technology giving a smooth and supple ride at lower pressures. The Gréim Pro tires will retail at $54.99 per tire and are available in three sizes: (24×1.8, 26×122 and 700cx32mm). Contact: Islabikes.


Shimano Calpe 1
A solo moment at Shimano’s Dura-Ace Di2 launch in Calpe, Spain. Photo: Irmo Keizer


Well that’s all for this weeks Mid-Week Report. Be sure to check back every Wednesday to see the latest which we have to comment on. If you have any questions, comments and requests,  let us know: [email protected]









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