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Join the Gravel Training Camp, December 29th - January 1st.

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The 2023 season is on the horizon, and it’s time to ramp up your training! Our friends at Big Wheel Coaching know there is no better preparation than quality training miles spent with friends, teammates, coaches, and other hard-chargers. That is why they created the Rise & Ride in the Vineyards Gravel Training Camp, December 29th – January 1st!

It’s four days of fully-supported, coach-lead training rides that include pre and post-ride food and vineyard-centered festivities, each purposefully built to create a top-shelf ride weekend that sets you up for a great year of riding!

The Temecula Valley is renowned for its vineyard-covered hills and hot air balloons. But to locals, it is a gravel rider’s paradise! Quiet routes boast wide-open double-track trails, swoopy single-track, steep climbs, speedy descents, technical sectors, and expansive views. In short, the menu for riding in the Temecula wine country is outstanding and a great way to welcome the New Year.

Although it takes a full four days of riding to fully appreciate the spectacular gravel that the Temecula wine country has to offer, you can come to camp for a single ride, just a few days, or for the “full enchilada”!

Rise & Ride In The Vineyards

Oh, and did we mention the exclusive wine-tasting opportunities at the LaFata Estate Vineyard? If you register before December 15th, they are giving you a free wine-tasting experience called The Sip of Temecula at The La Fata Vineyard Estate (Value $50), so you can taste the best wines that are pouring in Temecula without having to visit every winery!

Register today for a Wine Country Gravel Camp you will not soon forget!

Ride Itinerary

Thursday, Dec. 29th, 3.5hrs Ride: A Tour Of The Temecula Wine Country.

Friday, Dec. 30th, 3.5hrs Ride: A Day In De Luz Gravel Ride.

Saturday, Dec. 31st, 4.5hrs Ride: Fat Lizard w/a Gravel Twist N.Y.E. Epic

Sunday, Jan. 1st, 4.5hrs Ride: The Diamond Valley Lake Gravel Loop Ushers In 2023

For more info and to reserve your spot, contact


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MOOTS VAMOOTS CRD FIRST LOOK Tue, 15 Nov 2022 19:00:32 +0000

Meet the new fully integrated Moots road offering

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It has been a while since we got to test a Moots, but at the 2022 SBT GRVL race in Steamboat Springs, CO, we got to catch up with the Moots team and ride the beautiful Routt RSL. Between the facility tour, where every frame is handmade, to the extensive weekend full of great conversation, we got a lot of insight. It is without a doubt that the Moots team is passionate about bikes and obsesses over every detail. While we didn’t get to see the Vamoots CRD in the factory being built, we did get a little hint that the newest Moots would be road-focused, and it’s even better than we imagined.


Smooth pavement, painted lines, swooping turns and speed are what is at the core of road cycling. This modern-day road bike is built for enjoying the open road. Pure pavement riding where the only varying surface is up, down, left, and right. Road riding is about speed, smoothness, and the feeling that you could ride all day. The new Vamoots CRD captures what lies at the heart of a dedicated road bike.

The Vamoots CRD (complete road design) is the new pinnacle of the Vamoots road line. The CRD screams performance with the legendary double-butted RSL tube set for a light, crisp ride. Followed by the latest and most refined 3D printed dropouts that save weight, add stiffness at the rear wheel and offer perfect brake caliper alignment. Finished off with pencil-thin seat stays for the renowned Moots ride quality. By incorporating an all-new integrated cock-pit with a T47 bottom bracket into the build, all of the brake hose lines are internally routed for the cleanest-looking road bike that Moots has designed to date. ​ Built to perform best with 28-30mm road tires,  but can clear up to 32mm.

Frame Spec:

  • 44 mm head tube
  • Chris King Aero 3 headset
  • T47 bb // 86.5mm shell
  • 27.2 seat post diameter
  • 142 x 12 rear spacing
  • Max tire: 32 mm
  • Electronic shifting only


From $13,086.00

For more info, head to


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For your safety don't exceed 75 psi when tubeless, period.

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Specialized and Roval were once leaders in the road tubeless segment. Developing wheels and tires that for their time were leaders in the category. The release of the Rapide CLX and CL wheels along with the launch of the Tarmac SL7 in our opinion was a confusing and huge tubeless mistake as they released a tubeless wheel that they didn’t feel was safe for tubeless. Worst of all they doubled down on their no tubeless claims saying tubes were the fastest when they had research saying otherwise, just not the tubeless product to back the tubeless is faster research.

Earlier this year they launched the updated Rapide CLX II wheels that they claimed fixed the shortcomings of the original tubeless mishap. Along with the release they finally released the other third of the original results saying tubeless is faster than a tube system. They also launched a flexing rim bead for when you try to run over a block of steel in the roadway at speed, or maybe a curb. In reality, it’s a fairly rare occurrence that a rider might have and hopefully they do their best to lift over the obstacle completely eliminating the need for the new rim bead design.

For us, the hardest part about recommending these wheels is the misleading information that Specialized is delivering with them. This goes for all of their wheels that they say you can run up to 110 psi in a tubeless tire, YOU SHOULDN’T. It doesn’t matter if the wheel bead is hookless or hooked; when you are running tubeless, you should never exceed 75 psi. If you need more pressure than 75 psi for your specific setup, then increase volume (tire size), so you can remain under that safety threshold.

SRAM has a terrific tire pressure calculator that will give you a great starting point. It takes into account all of your specifics and is a great tool to use before you head out to purchase new tires. Run different sizes through the calculator and see what size is best for you and how small you can really go to stay under 75 psi. Again, do not run 110 psi in a tubeless system.

We have a great article WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH ROAD TUBELESS? that helps explain a lot of the tubeless questions. Specialized is claiming because their rim has a hooked bead you can run more pressure, but why? Modern research has debunked the theory that more pressure means more speed and the funny part is the press release below even mentions it. A hooked bead only secures a tire better if there is a tube present to sandwich the tire between the rims hook and the pressurized tube, this is a mechanical bond.

“Remember that if you have a tube system and hooked bead with a large-volume tire, there is a mechanical bond holding the tire’s bead against the hook and still allows for higher pressures (over 75 psi). The higher pressure can impact ride quality and performance on a large-volume tire, but it is possible. With that same rim-and-tire combo (assuming it was tubeless-ready), as the name implies, tubeless has no tube holding the bead of the tire to the hook of the rim. This means the chances of failure (the bead blowing off the rim) can increase if the pressure runs too high.”

With that out of the way we are excited that Roval is releasing a more cost-effective version of the tubeless Rapide wheels and because they were unable to create the flexing bead in a lower grade carbon, you get a CLX level carbon rim laced to a DT Swiss 350 hub instead of their “aero optimized” hubs that use DT Swiss internals. For your safety and better performance, use the SRAM pressure calculator to optimize your setup.

Press Release

You’ve already met the new Rapide CLX II wheels. They are world beaters. Just launched in May they already have Tour stage wins and Grand Tour victory on their palmares. Now that level of performance is coming to more riders – World Tour racing license optional.

The all-new Rapide CL II wheelset brings the same Rapide CLX II speed, that same efficiency, that same incredible handling and stability in any condition to more riders. Built on the exact same rims as the Rapide CLX II the performance is elevated with tubeless done right technology. The Rapide CL II makes that performance easier to catch at check-out, and almost impossible to catch on the open road.

Two Rims in One

The Rapide CL II is actually two wheels in one, each optimized for the unique aero challenges of its position—a 51mm-deep front rim with a 35mm external width and a 60mm-deep rear rim with a 30mm external width. The result is a tubeless wheelset that’s faster than most 65mm wheels but is 25% more stable than our CLX50 in heavy wind.

The rear wheel is the last thing the wind sees, so we developed that rim shape to minimize drag at the trailing edge of the bike. At 60mm deep with a 30mm external width, the Rapide CL II rear rim reduces turbulence and yields the greatest aerodynamic benefit. Since the rear wheel doesn’t affect steering the way the front does, this deep section doesn’t adversely impact handling. Together, they represent the fastest package for real-world race conditions.

Stability Equals Speed

Deep-section front rims are affected adversely by crosswinds. This negatively impacts handling, in turn causing a rider to slow down. By utilizing the first modeling algorithm designed around riders’ real-world reaction times we developed a front rim that both reduces drag AND increases stability by 25% in sudden wind gusts compared to our previous 50mm rims.

We know from extensive automotive and aeronautical reaction timing studies that it’s wind gusts between 0.5 and 2.0 seconds that riders struggle with. Essentially a rider can’t react to wind gusts shorter than 0.5 seconds; they are too short. A rider can react to gusts lasting between 0.5 and 2.0 seconds but will react after the wind gust is over. This causes an overcorrection that needs to be corrected again, which is why blustery crosswinds feel so sketchy. So we instructed our algorithm to optimize stability in the 0.5 to 2.0 second window time. Faster than that, and you can’t react quickly enough to overcompensate. Slower than that, and you can easily adjust to the side force of a crosswind.

For days, the algorithm randomly mutated, virtually kicking out low performers and iterating on high performers. The resulting Rapide shape was the best combination of pure drag reduction and stability within the reaction time frame that matters for a rider.

Systems Approach

The Rapide CL II is hand built every step of the way, from the initial lay-up to the final tensioning on the nipples. Built on DT Swiss 350 hubs with a 36-tooth Star Ratchet and Competition Race straight pull spokes the result is a set of wheels designed as a complete system that weighs just 1590 grams a set, delivering incredible reliability and durability, with World Tour-ready performance.

Hooked on Tubeless

The reduced rolling resistance of a tubeless setup is undeniable, as are the benefits of improved handling and incredible puncture protection. The development of the Rapide CL II involved the most rigorous and extensive engineering and testing program that we’ve ever undertaken and resulted in a wheelset that almost doubles current industry impact standards while managing to achieve the lightest weight possible. It took 21 months, but the resulting rims are the strongest we have ever made at the lightest possible weight. As a system, they now pass the rigorous testing standards we have created while delivering more performance as a tubeless system than the world-beating tube-type Rapide and Alpinist.

Why Tubeless is Faster

Lower internal friction equals more speed and grip. When the tire rolls through the contact patch, the tire casing must deform. This causes internal friction, which increases rolling resistance and uses energy that could be used to propel you forward. Using a tube means more material deforms—casing and tube—so more friction is created, and more energy is lost.

Running tubeless significantly reduces the amount of material that must deform—tire alone—which reduces friction and reduces the energy lost, leaving more energy to propel you forward. Decreased material deformation also leads to a tire that deforms easier in response to road imperfections for better grip and a more comfortable and controlled ride. These are “always-on” benefits, regardless of speed or terrain. If your tire is rolling, you’re faster on tubeless.

“We can say the average the rolling resistance reduction is 8%. In terms of a performance road racing tire at 40 kp/h, it is a 1.7 watt saving per tire, 3.5 watts per bike.” – Oliver Kiesel, Specialized Tire PM

The Rapide CL II utilizes a hooked rim (allowing for real-world riding pressures up to 110psi, if that’s your thing) for secure tire bead retention and an easier setup and mounting experience than ever before. This is tubeless done right.

True To Your Ride

The Entire Roval team is really proud of the new Rapide CL II wheels. These wheels represent years of work with our teams, in the test lab, and out on the road. Taking World Tour-level performance and injecting it into a wheelset available to more riders, with durability and reliability for many seasons of riding on the most demanding roads in the world is what being true to your ride means.

Tech Details

Rim: Rapide CLX Carbon Clincher, 700c, Disc Brake, Tubeless
Rim Details: Front – 51mm Depth, 35mm External Width, 21mm Internal Width; Rear – 60mm Depth, 30mm External Width, 21mm Internal Width
Hubs: DT Swiss 350 Straighpull Center Lock, Star Ratchet 36t internals (10 degs) , 100x12mm & 142x12mm
Spokes: DT Swiss Competition Race Straightpull, Radial/Two-cross (2:1) 18 count, DS: 258mm, NDS: 270mm; Rear: Two-cross (1:1) 24 count, DS: 256mm NDS: 260mm
Tire Size: 24mm – 38mm; Max Pressure: 24mm-35mm: Tubeless (110psi) Tubed (130psi), 36mm – 38mm: Tubeless (60psi) Tubed (60psi)
Weight: (claimed) Wheelset 1,590g, Front 725g, Rear 865g (including 15g, tubeless rim tape and tubeless valve)
System Weight Limit: 275lbs / 125kg
Price: $1750 (Wheelset), $1025 (Rear), $725 (Front)


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BIKE OF THE WEEK: MAMMOTH TUFF EDITION Fri, 16 Sep 2022 19:38:09 +0000

What is the perfect gravel bike for the Sierra Nevada mountains?

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We are excited to be back in Mammoth for the second week in a row, last week was the Mammoth Gran Fondo. If we are going to be honest, we never left. With such amazing road and gravel riding, this is a cyclist’s dream. The gravel riders are starting to roll into town and here are a few of the bikes that have caught our eye so far.

Niner Bikes is probably better known for their mountain bikes, but the RLT 9 RDO (carbon) has been a staple in the gravel scene for years. It has seen a handful of updates and improvements but what we find most impressive is the fact that Niner tests it to their MTB safety standards. This means the RLT 9 is durable, and if you ask Amanda Nauman (photo above) and Dave Sheek, it’s the perfect rig for Mammoth Tuff.

Brandon Baker (who will likely win) has also chosen the RLT 9 RDO so you know it’s a good choice. Looking at the bikes rolling in so far, it is a complete mix and awesome to see so many unique bikes and builds.


Tuff (tŭf) is a general term for all consolidated pyroclastic, volcanic rocks.

The name, Mammoth TUFF, is a nod to the Long Valley Caldera and the volcanic stone that defines ‘gravel’ in the area. The caldera was formed about 760,000 years ago in a volcanic eruption from which the magma still underlies it, heating underground water and fueling hot springs the event will ride by. The short course is around 45 miles with 2,000 feet of climbing and will circle the famous caldera. The long course is around 100 miles with 8,000 feet of elevation gain and travels through the Volcanic Tableland formed by the Long Valley Caldera. Prepare to be transported back in time on routes used by miners and even further back.

For more info head to




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SNEK CYCLING LAUNCHES NEW U.S. MADE TEE Wed, 14 Sep 2022 17:42:17 +0000

The Dry Creek Merino Pocket Tee

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We ran into our friend Jonny of Snēk Cycling at the 2022 SBT GRVL event. He gave us a full rundown of all the made in the U.S. products. He also gave us the inside scoop on the latest release, the tee. While we normally wear a jersey, the lightweight merino tee is super soft and great for casual rides. It doesn’t get funky like a cotton tee does when you go for a quick spin. We are told it is also a great option for full rides if you want a casual look.

Our friends at Snēk Cycling introduced the Dry Creek Merino Pocket Tee. Designed and crafted to be the only T-shirt you’ll ever need, the U.S. made Dry Creek Tee is now live on Kickstarter.

Snēk, a boutique Utah-based cycling brand, has built a following by focusing on essential cycling gear and simply making it better and with more care than anything else on the market. The Dry Creek Tee is no exception. It checks all the boxes expected of a modern merino tee – moisture wicking, odor resistant, temperature regulating and built to last – and does it with a style that’s equally at home on the bike or off.

“The origin story of the Dry Creek Tee is pretty similar to the rest of our product line: I wanted something simple that I couldn’t find, so we made it,” said Jonny Hintze, founder of Snek Cycling and a long-time cycling product engineer. “With the right mix of quality performance fabrics, and thoughtful styling and construction, the Dry Creek Merino Pocket Tee was born.”

Rigorously tested and iterated, the Dry Creek Tee features a slight drop in the back hem for extra coverage during active use. It’s also made with a reinforced nylon core merino wool fabric that will stand up to years of wear and is backed up with a lifetime guarantee. Additionally, its stylish silhouette strikes the perfect balance between active and leisure wear, outliving and outperforming other tees in the drawer.

“It’s the only shirt you’ll want to wear,” said Hintze. “That’s probably the best endorsement I can give it.”

The Dry Creek Merino Pocket Tee is live on Kickstarter for $95

For more information on Snēk please visit:


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Wiggins slams marginal gains as 'a load of rubbish'

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Bradley Wiggins has labeled the marginal gains philosophy said to underpin much of British Cycling’s recent success as “a load of rubbish”. In comments reported by the Daily Telegraph on Monday, Wiggins was equally dismissive of the “chimp paradox” theory for dealing with pressure promoted by sports psychologist Dr. Steve Peters and said former British track team-mate and fellow Olympic gold medalist Victoria Pendleton was a “bit of a milkshake”.


Britain was seen to gain a technological advantage over its rivals thanks to research carried out under what became known as the ‘Secret Squirrel Club’ headed up by former Olympic champion Chris Boardman that looked for legal improvements in bike design and rider equipment. It all became known as part of the search for “marginal gains” but Wiggins, in what the Telegraph said were remarks made at a corporate event in the City of London, was unimpressed. “A lot of people made a lot of money out of it and David Brailsford used it constantly as his calling card, but I always thought it was a load of rubbish,” said Wiggins.

“You can over-analyze things but at the end of the day, it’s about your ability and whether you’re a better athlete than the other person or not.”

“It’s a bit like the whole chimp thing,” added the five-times Olympic gold medalist, who won several golds when Brailsford was in charge of the British Cycling team. He also won the 2012 Tour de France for the Team Sky outfit headed up by the celebrated coach. “At the end of the day, chimp theories and marginal gains and all these buzzwords — a lot of the time, I just think you have got to get the fundamentals right: go ride your bike, put the work in, and you’re either good or you’re not good. “Sometimes in life or in sport, whatever, you’re either good at something or you’re not. That’s what makes you a better athlete: your physical ability and whether you’ve trained enough — not whether you’ve slept on a certain pillow or mattress.”

Pendleton, who won cycling golds at both the 2008 Beijing Olympics and four years later in London, has spoken of how Peters helped her career. But Wiggins said: “Vicky’s a bit of a milkshake (mixed up) anyway. You can over-analyze things but at the end of the day, it’s about your ability and whether you’re a better athlete than the other person or not. “Whether you’ve come to grips with this other person living inside you, it’s all a bit… well, each to his own. That may work with some people, but as (former footballer) Roy Keane would say: it’s utter nonsense.”

The Telegraph said Wiggins was not asked at the event about the ongoing investigation into whether he had broken anti-doping rules at the 2011 Criterium du Dauphine race. Last week Wiggins told Sky Sports he would have a “lot to say” and “shock a few people” when he finally comments in details on the allegations which center on whether he was given a legal decongestant or received an unauthorized injection of the powerful corticosteroid Triamcinolone without an official medical exemption.


Photo: Bettini


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BIKE OF THE WEEK: MOSAIC CYCLES GT-1 AR Fri, 02 Sep 2022 18:30:24 +0000

Nate goes above and beyond.

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As we walked the seemingly endless SBT Expo one bike hidden behind the SRAM booth stood out. It wasn’t on display but instead had been seemingly abandoned and hidden from view. This custom Mosaic GT-1 AR is stunning, and best of all it turns out our friend Nate is the owner. So for this extended Labor Day weekend, we are happy to highlight this labor of love.

As a SRAM employee, we were surprised to see Nate has chosen to ride Shimano XT pedals. Maybe it’s for comparison testing????

Nate has been a go-to tech contact at SRAM for ages and has a vast wealth of knowledge on all things bikes, not just SRAM products. So it was no surprise to have him tapping on our shoulder when we snagged it for some photos.

The 1x SRAM XPLR drivetrain has become a popular alternative to the 1x Eagle option that has been borrowed from mountain bikes.
Nate working the booth and making sure everyone gets some swag.
The heavy flake and bright red is spectacular in person. Best of all, it was done in-house at Mosaic.

For more info head to

After working the expo both days in the heat, Nate enjoyed the 60-mile red course on Sunday.

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The SpeedX Leopard Pro brings computer and sensor integration with a sleek carbon frame.

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It’s quite likely that SpeedX is the most popular bike you have never heard of, yet your tech-gadget, non-cyclist buddy probably has, considering they already have more coverage on tech sites than cycling ones. Less than two years ago SpeedX started a Kickstarter campaign for what would be their first bike model, the Leopard, an aero “smart bike” design with an integrated computer and fully internal cables. Their goal of raising $50,000 was met after just two hours, and after a month, more than $2.3 million was raised. SpeedX went on to be the most funded bicycle in the history of Kickstarter. So, who are they?


SpeedX took a rather unique path to becoming a bike brand. The Chinese company’s founder was a phone-app developer from outside of the cycling industry, but he did enjoy riding. As the story was told to us, he was underwhelmed with the technology available to cyclists to connect with the bike. After developing a cycling app, the company turned their attention to making the SpeedForce computer that was integrated into a stem and could be added to any bike. With that technology in hand and the desire to push how technology could be further integrated into bike design, SpeedX developed the Leopard smart bike.

The SpeedX Leopard is as much a tech piece as it is a bicycle, with complete integration of a computer called Smart Control into the stem and a taillight built into the seatpost that is controlled by sensors on the bike and through the SpeedX phone app. We’ve seen a few concept bikes with this level of integrated gadgetry, but SpeedX is the first to bring it to market.

The Smart Control is cleanly integrated into the stem.
The Smart Control is cleanly integrated into the stem.


The computer itself isn’t all that different in terms of features that Garmin offers. It has GPS and all the standard ride data one would want, in addition to weather and notifications when paired to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Mapping and turn-by-turn navigation will also be added, likely by the time you read this. Toggling through the multiple data-field screens on the computer is done by pressing down on the stem cap, which doubles as a button. Charging both the light and the computer is done through a port in the seatpost.

Part of the SpeedX app includes their own Strava-like mileage leader board, goal setting and challenges, which will have to be enough for users since sharing to a third-party site, such as Strava and Training Peaks, is not possible. SpeedX did say they plan to have an update that would allow them to play nice with third-party sites.

The only place you’ll find wires exposed on the Leopard is at the derailleurs.
The only place you’ll find wires exposed on the Leopard is at the derailleurs.


SpeedX told us they’ve invested $50 million of private funding into their own factory and R&D center, which has resulted in Leopard rolling out to the Kickstarter investors on schedule, and is currently available for order online.

The Leopard frame features aero tube shapes throughout and TRP rim brakes placed behind the fork and under the chainstays to further minimize drag. The more impressive features of the bike are the internal-shifting wire and brake-cable routing. Other than the short run of wire from the frame to each of the Di2 derailleurs, everything else runs internally through the handlebars, stem and head tube. The result is an exceptionally clean and uncluttered appearance.

Most everything on the Leopard Pro, outside of the Shimano Ultegra componentry, is from SpeedX, including their own 50mm-deep carbon clincher wheelset, carbon handlebar and proprietary seatpost. The left chainstay even has a cadence sensor built in, just as Trek and Giant have on some of their models. The one thing that was noticeably absent was the lack of power-meter integration. Yes, that would have of course upped the price, but it’s a noticeably absent feature that could have added a broader appeal.


Four models have already found their way into the SpeedX lineup, and all have very attractive pricing for the level of build. The Leopard has a Shimano 105 group and a price of $1699, while the Leopard Pro features Ultegra Di2 and 50mm-deep carbon clinchers for $3199. The least-expensive road model is the Leopard aluminum that uses the same aero frame shaping and computer integration as the carbon-framed models, with a Shimano Tiagra group, hydraulic disc brakes and a price of $1199. There’s also a hardtail mountain bike in the line called the Mustang for $999. SpeedX told us a higher-end model than the Leopard Pro will be released in 2017.

SpeedX’s business model is based around being a consumer-direct brand rather than using retail shops, which is why the prices are surprisingly low considering the level of components and features that hadn’t been done on a production bike up until now. This business model can save someone money and make the purchasing process easier, since you’re just a couple clicks away from buying a bike when on the SpeedX website.

As we know, though, purchasing a new bike isn’t the same as ordering a new laptop or camera, and pure convenience shouldn’t be the deciding factor in its purchase, especially when dealing with proprietary parts on a brand that isn’t going to be supported in any local bike shop.

SpeedX placed the TRP brakes behind the fork with an eye on aerodynamics.


Unfortunately, the more integration there is, the bigger the headaches are when things break. Being at the mercy of the company years down the road could be rather unappealing for many of us, especially when it comes to the computer and need for firmware updates in order to keep it relevant for years to come. One would need a lot of faith in the new start-up company to make that investment.

The overall design of the Leopard Pro will surely push development throughout the industry and further drive advancements in integrating Silicon Valley tech into our bikes. SpeedX already has a head start on the rest of the industry, and if they can prove their staying power by continuing to innovate over the next few years, in addition to providing support to their early adopters, then they will become a recognizable name to more than just the gadget geeks.


Price: $3199

Weight: 19.2 pounds

Sizes: 42, 45, 48, 51, 54, 57, 59cm


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BIKE OF THE WEEK: NATHAN HAAS COLNAGO G3-X Fri, 26 Aug 2022 18:00:44 +0000

So much custom style

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Former WorldTour rider Nathan Haas wowed the crowd with a custom-painted Colnago G3-X gravel bike made special for the 2022 SBT GRVL event.

Check out more photos & SBT GRVL content here

Haas opted for a Campy Ekar 1X drivetrain. The 13-speed 9-42t cassette is paired with a 42t chainring. The custom paint is paired with a custom Castelli kit too. A set of Campy Shamal carbon wheels are wrapped with Vittoria Terreno Dry 38mm.

For more info check out this article.

All the custom stuff on display at the Castelli booth during the 2022 SBT GRVL expo.

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BIKE OF THE WEEK: ALLIED ABLE Fri, 19 Aug 2022 17:00:38 +0000

A sweet SBT GRVL find

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Last week we were at the 2022 SBT GRVL in Steamboat Springs, Co and it was packed with incredible bikes and riders from all over. It was early on Saturday morning when the sun hit the Allied Able just right, and the heavy flake hiding in the otherwise normal black paint caught our eye. With further inspection, this is one sweet custom rig.

Check out more photos & SBT GRVL content here

Sram 1X Force matched to X01 Eagle rear derailleur and cassette offer plenty of range and are further highlighted by the dramatic asymmetric chainstay. The custom paint was hard to capture, but in person it was stunning. A set of Industry Nine Ultralite 250 Carbon wheels are an added bonus.

For more info head to


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