NFL lineman and Cyclist

CEO of Topical Edge is a glutton for pain

Former NFL lineman Jeff Byers is the CEO of Topical Edge and an avid cyclist. We always find his story inspiring and motivating. He once was 310 lbs and is now down to 230lbs at 6’4 and may we say an absolute beast on the bike. His ability to push and suffer is amazing and goes to show that you don’t have to look like Froome to ride in the hills.

The New Formula

Topical Edge has updated their sodium bicarbonate lotion formula and releases a 10 oz Tube for a more convenient application process. The new formula doesn’t change the performance aspects of the lotion but improves the application, minimizing the oily feel.  The new formula is more like a traditional lotion, and we couldn’t be happier. Don’t get us wrong the individual packets were great and pre-measured, but the tube will be our goto. The tube also helps cut cost, and the 15 application tube is now just $35 when in the past you would need three boxes to get 15 applications, and it would have been $60.

Can you explain how you got into cycling?

I always loved riding, but never owned a road bike. Growing up in Colorado, we mountain biked a fair amount. My dad had a road bike, but I never got into it. Once I retired, I started riding my wife’s steel frame road bike, but I didn’t stick with it initially. However, I’ve always loved the bike because of the ability to challenge myself I’m really just a glutton for punishment and suffering. Regardless of how talented you are, you can always make yourself suffer more. Something about pushing myself to the edge is actually a very comfortable feeling for me.

Jeff  & Neil lead the group up a climb during a harvest moon ride.

I truly picked up a bike when we started to take a shot at launching Topical Edge. We knew we were going to launch into endurance sports and cycling specifically, so it just made sense for me to start riding more; I needed to be in the community. I bought my first road bike in January 2017 and just dove in head first. The enjoyment level over the past 12 months has been incredible. I can do a ton on a bike: work, socialize and exercise all mixed into one. It’s a sport you can do wherever you are just about. The other great thing about gravitating towards the bike is that it’s been a great opportunity for me to call riding a bike “work”. I can do Gran Fondos, ride trails on Tuesday mornings with a new shop or group….I feel honored to call time spent on my bike “work” these days.

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For more info on Topical Edge check out our First Look that we did during their clinical trial study.

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