Off-Season Base Miles

by Jon Hornbeck

This is the time of year when those lonely base miles you’re putting in can start to get a bit stale.  Jumping in your local group ride may be a bit tough this time of year.  Your normal weekend group ride will typically turn into a hammer fest and if you’re not looking to put in those hard efforts quite yet could go against what you’ve been trying to build.  Luckily though there are more and more grass root style “base camps” being put on.  These are typically organized by a local club and/or group of cyclists that are just looking to get some good miles in together without tearing each other’s legs off.  It’s also a good time of year for these rides with major holiday’s happening and many extra calories on hand.

For us down here at Road Bike Action our former editor Neil Shirley has been doing just that with the 4 Days To Fitness.  Four days of riding are on hand which is more on the mellow side with quality miles. A great opportunity for all skill levels to come together to add up their base mile account. Rides such as 4 Days To Fitness aren’t organized fondo type rides by any means, but more of a larger scale group ride.  There will be stops along the ride at markets/gas stations and a designated start/finish area.



It’s great to see more of these types of rides popping up as I personally have seen two new ones for this off-season in the Southern California area, and in Las Vegas as well.  If your area doesn’t have any type of organized base mile rides now is the perfect time for you to put it out there.  All you need are some friends, routes in mind and you’re ready to go.  Setup a Facebook page with the details to explain the rides and I’m sure you will get a good turn out of other cyclists looking for new people to ride with.


If you’re in the Southern California area here is the breakdown of the upcoming 4 Days To Fitness


It’s time to do it again and this year’s 4 Days To Fitness will begin on Thursday, December 29th and go through Sunday, January 1st.  If you plan to do just a day or two, that’s great, but please be respectful of those doing all four days and avoid pushing the pace on the climbs; the rides are about getting in endurance miles and are not a race. With that said, because of wide-ranging fitness levels, multiple groups will form on the road and we’ll have one to two re-group points so the majority of riders can re-connect with the main group.  Everyone is responsible for themselves, so ensure you know the route and are self-sufficient in case you get dropped from the group or have a flat tire. Obey all rules of the road! Each ride will average between 17-20 mph, and most days will have both long and short route options.



Facebook: 4 Days To Fitness

Start Time:  8:30am

Location:  parking lot of McDonald’s off McBean Pkwy, Santa Clarita, CA 91355

75 miles, 6200 feet of climbing

61 miles, 5150 feet of climbing

65 miles, 7300 feet of climbing

55 miles, 5550 feet of climbing

76 miles, 5250 feet of climbing

54 miles, 3,500 feet of climbing

New Year’s Day Ride (route TBD)


Instagram/Twitter: @JonHornbeck

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