On The Streets: Vittoria Tierra

A stylish Italian lace-up

Hand-making cycling shoes in their 1,000-square-meter facility in Vigliano Biellese, Italy, since 1976, Vittoria has entered the gravel shoe game. Their latest release, dubbed the Tierra (Spanish for “Earth”), is a modern replica of the old-school lace-up shoes that the brand originally gained fame for, but with a modern, gravel-focused sole and upper.


Vittoria opted for a microfiber upper with minimal stitching for maximum water protection to better tackle water crossings and wet rides. They claim the upper is impermeable to water and mud, but in turn is still breathable due to the multitude of vents on each side of the shoe. The upper is coated in a chameleon-like purple to green color fade, which was a favorite of many of the riders we passed on the road. A vulcanized rubber toe cover adds an extra layer of protection for the rough roads.

A carbon composite sole acts as the base, and a rubber tread lines each side of the cleat and protects the heel as well. However, the arch of the sole is bare. On the road this caused us to slip if we missed our cleat when we tried clipping in.


Weight: 572 grams

Price: $176

Sizes: 38-47 (including half-sizes)


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