PHOTO GALLERY: Peter Sagan & Team Bora at Paris-Roubaix

There are no shortage of Tacx bottles to prepare before the start of Paris-Roubaix.


From crocs to cleats.


Nutrition is key and Team Bora ensures that the riders get all they need.


Mechanics get bikes clean ahead of the Roubaix cobbles.


The calm before the storm.


A rider gets ready before heading out to the race.


Choices for the champ.


A quick nap before the start.


Peter putting the finishing touches on pinning his numbers.


Peter has a friendly chat with Boonen before his final race.


Team presentation before the start.


Black and white cobbles.


Paris-Roubaix did not go the way Peter planned.


You won’t find these wheels at your local dealer.




The life of a rock star in spandex.


Recon on the cobbles.


The champ in nature.


Not for the faint of heart.


The hell of the north.


The main group nearing the finish.


Not the solo move Peter planned.


Perhaps already thinking of the next race.


It’s not always glitz and glamour.


Bikes being tuned and cleaned prior to the start.


More and more discs are making their way into the racing scene.


Final adjustments being made.


Key sections of the course.


Peter in thought.


From basic to custom.


Mass pasta for the riders post race.


Photos: Veloimages

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