Photo Gallery: Giant Launch in France

Last month we had the opportunity to take a trip to France for the launch of the new Giant Propel. We were so impressed by the launch we wanted to show everyone where we had the chance to ride this Propel for the first time. You can read our First Ride here.


We were fortunate enough to stay in a castle during our stay in France.
The castle had a moat surrounding the entire property.
Before getting to ride the Propel we were treated to a presentation going into detail everything new on the Propel.
The Propel Advanced Disc next to the golden swan is available for $3,700. Swan not included.
Once finishing up the presentation we took to the lawn to see each model in person.
Each morning before our ride the new Propels were ready and waiting for us.
The ACE facility wind tunnel located in France is where this bike was truly born.
Many different iterations were brought to life and adjusted in the wind tunnel.
The wind tunnel is based right by the F1 track in Magny-Cours.
The moving mannequin which Giant uses for real-world aero dynamics.
Giant are confident with their wind tunnel testing protocols compared to how other companies do it.
Giant took the task to make a more aero machine with disc brakes and they succeeded.
We weren’t the only ones with fancy equipment at the F1 track.
Its not everyday you get to ride bikes on a top notch race track.
The ride on the F1 track started mellow but was quickly turned up.
With the new tubeless set up the Propel tracks very well as you can run a lower air pressure.
The different size profile wheels are very noticeable on the Propel.
Once getting up to speed the new Giant held its own.
Dinner time in the seventeenth century castle made for great conversation.
Following dinner we would meet in the study to hear what we had in store for the following day.
Our next ride started out wet which worked well to feel the great stopping power by the disc brakes in wet weather.
Rolling hills through out the French country offered us great testing grounds.
Descending on the Propel was very comfortable with the good braking and stiff frame.
Our ride was made up from going through small village after small village.
Even the cows were curious what the new Propel looked like.
The locals were curious as well what we were up to.
Riding a low air pressure in the tubeless wheels made for a smooth ride on some of the rougher pavement.
The Propel climbs surprisingly well for a full aero bike.
Once getting up to speed and in a pace line the Propel really showed its key characteristics.
A proper French mid ride lunch stop.
With the ride starting off with wet weather we really got a great day once the sun poked through.
We were fortunate enough to test out the top of the line Propel Advanced SL Disc.
The new Propel offers more adjustment with its two piece bar/stem combo.
There wasn’t much flex felt when sprinting the Propel up to speed.
Evenings at the castle were spent going over our thoughts on the new Giant.
Evenings for dinner spent outside in the French country side.
Look for our full story on the Giant Propel in our upcoming Road Bike Action magazine.


Photos: Sterling Lorence