Photo Gallery: Salsa Cycles & Dirty Kanza 200

Salsa Cycles goes grass roots with their luxury lounge & Gravel efforts

Recently while out riding, or should we say surviving the Dirty Kanza we noticed a luxury lounge in the distance with a lamp sitting next to it. While we could of been mistaken we were pretty sure it wasn’t a mirage, but actually, a velvet couch sitting there in the middle of the desolate gravel roads of Kansas.

This is actually Salsa Cycles, and the way they’re marketing themselves in the gravel segment with their Chase the Chaisers segment. So far they have gone out to such events as the Land Run 100, Coast to Coast, Le Grand du Nord, DKXL and Dirty Kanza.

Their plan is simple; “One luxurious lounge. One photographer. Five different gravel family rooms. Dirt, sweat, and tears from thousands of riders across the land. Photographic portraits to capture it all.”

We looked through their gallery and picked out our favorites from the recent DK200.

Just 26 miles to go, we’ve already made it 180!
Everybody’s got a little Captain in them.
Jens Voigt? What are you doing out here in Kansas?
A seasoned cyclist here, feet up in the air recovery mode.
Poor fella didn’t even make it to the couch, so close!
Come on Neil Shirley are you too tired to take part in the “gravel wave.”
A real gravel stand off right here. Aero bars vs. non aero bars.
Josh Berry maybe less sitting next time and you’ll be able to stick with Ted King, though 2nd place is respectable.
We’ll just stay right here.
His wife would totally disapprove with this type of behavior.
Two’s a couple, three’s a crowd and five’s a party!
We are quite impressed that this man can ride 180 miles and do a one leg seated squat without cramping. Kudos!
This man probably attempted a one-legged seated squat, it didn’t work out for him. Ouch.
We’re not worthy, We’re not worthy! – Wayne’s World
He made it, RBA grom David pushed through a dead Di2 battery for a finishing time of 18:15:58.
While Troy’s race didn’t go as planned, we are happy to see that his Kenda tire donation to David Palmer (left) helped him get to the finish.
No, please don’t…
And you did.
You do know there is a time cut off to get back to town right?
Lights, camera, action!
The Salsa crew behind the shenanigans.


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