Pioneer Power Meters Sold To Shimano?

Pioneer Cycle Sport division transferred to Shimano

Effective at the end of March 2020, Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. will no longer be selling Cycle Sports products as it has entered an agreement to transfer certain assets of its business to Shimano Inc.

Pioneer has developed  the most effective and informative power meters in the industry thanks to their Pedal Monitoring system. This system reads the power distributed onto the crank at 12 locations per stroke and independently on each side. It also calculates the angle of load, allowing users to see and alter their pedaling efficiency live.

The Electronics company has had a hard time marketing this complex but industry-leading technology. Hopefully, with the leadership of Shimano, the product will improve and find it’s way onto more bicycles. Shimano too launched a power meter, but its reception has been seemingly minimal. Now with the Pioneer system, Shimano can really make a dent in the power meter segment.

Pioneer recently updated its product line while also launching a new head unit. For more on that here

Below is a translated version of the full announcement which you can see for yourself HERE.

“Thank you for using our products.”

The Company and Shimano Corporation, the world’s largest bicycle parts maker (Yozo Shimano, President and CEO, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture; hereinafter “Shimano”), have acquired some of Shimano’s cycle sports business assets. We have concluded an agreement to transfer to.

An easy transition.

The Company plans to conclude this business with the conclusion of this agreement and end sales of pedaling monitors and cycle computers by the end of March 2020.

Many customers who use our products and services use Shimano bicycle components, and Shimano cycle sports components have received high praise and support from athletes. We believe that the transfer will enable us to contribute to more cycle athletes. Shimano plans to expand its product and service functions by incorporating its strengths in electronic and IT technologies.

Customers using Web Services (Cyclosphere) will migrate after the introduction of the new service from Shimano. Until then, you can continue to use our current web services.

For after-sales service, we stock spare parts for after-sales service so that our customers can use our products with confidence.

If parts are still in stock, we will repair them as before. Thank you for your understanding.

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