Manage your way through the Tour de France

Press Release

Tour de France 2022, is a bike racing simulator scheduled for release on June 9. It includes a new Race of the Moment mode which, for the first time, lets players see how they measure up against virtual cyclists from around the world.

Watch the Race of the Moment mode trailer:


Each week, players seeking competition are presented a new challenge. The challenges vary: riders can take control of a specific team or try to reach a certain goal, aiming to score the most points in a mountain stage or just top the rankings.

Each player’s weekly performance will be recorded in an online leaderboard, so there can be a new winner each week. Players are awarded bonus points according to their ranking; these points count toward the monthly and yearly ranking, and badges are awarded to indicate the best result.

The difficulty is the same for every competitor in this mode, as it will not be possible to save in the middle of a stage or to bring in replacements. Players must therefore develop the best strategy in order to beat their competitors.

The first races that will count for the annual ranking will begin on 1 July, the start date for the Grand Boucle.

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