Press Camp, Pt. 1: Pinarello For 2017

By: Zap

For the 11th annual running of the Press Camp, some key bike brands gathered under the roof of the Silver Baron Lodge to show-off some coming 2017 new model attractions. Among them was the Italian legacy marque, Pinarello, the company based in Treviso, Italy who has among their palmares 11 Tour de France victories to call their own along with numerous other Grand Tour, Olympic and World Championship wins.

Of a handful of models on display, there were two that stood out; the Dogma F8 Disk and the new gravel oriented Gan GR Disk (Pinarello uses “disk” versus “disc”. The F8, of course, is the same model used by the Team Sky to do all their winning and it easily sits among the “king of the crop” of Italian superbikes.

Here’s a video of Sky’s Elia Viviani giving an overview of his own Dogma F8 race bike.



Pinarello F8 disc5
Pinarello’s F8 frames are only imported as framesets and they are available in a handful of different colors. Both the disc and non-disc F8 frames sell for $5750. For a $1050 upcharge Pinarello offers a custom “MyWay” paint option.


Pinarello f8 disc 2
Pinarello has made a name for themselves with a blend of unique and graceful tube shapes that make up many of their frames.  The rearward arcing Onda fork is said to be both more aerodynamic and stiffer than a traditional design.


Pinarello f8 disc 4
The F8 is distinguished by using the high-end Toraya T1100 1K carbon. Pinarello’s in-house “Most” components are used here, and no, there’s not much room to run beyond a 25mm tire in the asymmetrical rear triangle. The F8 Disk will run with 12mm thru-axles, 142mm rear wheel spacing and flat mount brakes.


Pinarello F8 disc 6
Pinarello’s Dogma F8 is fast from every angle.


Pinarello gravel 1
Yes, even Pinarello has been bitten by the gravel bike bug and they are bringing two models into the States: the Gan GRs Disk will be available with Shimano Ultegra ($5250) and the GR with a Shimano 105 ($2850) drivetrain. The GRs uses the same elastomer based rear suspension design (with 10mm of travel) as the K8 model and both use the FlexStays.


Pinarello gravel 2
As there are now plenty of bikes jumping on the “”gravel bike bandwagon”, it’s important to remember that the single-most defining feature of a well-designed gravel frame comes down to having proper wheel clearance. The Gan GR runs with 35mm tires, but still has ample room left over to jump to 38mm tread.


Pinarello gravel 3
As with every Pinarello that comes down the road, the GRS is beautifully made with graceful lines throughout. The fender mounts will be located on the inside of the fork in production.


Pinarello gravel 5
The FlexStays bring added compliance and the flat mount brakes help improve the aesthetics. Nice to see fender mounts.


Pinarello 6
The Pinarello F8 sits proudly at the summit of the 9700′ elevation Guardsman Pass.

For more information: Cicli Pinarello





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