Preview: North American Handmade Bicycle Show

Where passion and beauty collide for 3 days only

Okay, so you say you’re a bike geek? A bike lover? A cycling aficionado?  Well, if so,  don’t say you haven’t been given ample warning.  During the second week of March the North American Handmade Bicycle Show will be returning to Northern California for three days only. And this my friends is where you will not only find some of the most beautiful people, but better still, some of the most beautiful bikes in the world. 

For over a decade frame builder and show founder Don Walker has hustled his ass around the nation trying to promote the ancient craft of handbuilt bikes. And every year, no matter what the destination of the roving show, he’s been able to outdo himself from the previous year. The Sacramento venue has twice already provided the biggest crowds in the show’s history and this year should be no different.

Here is just a collection of some of the hand-built bike brands that will be on display. These bikes and many more will be there ready for you to ogle over and even purchase.  All these photos were kiped from the NAHBS Facebook page so you can go there to get more updated info  – there’s only three weeks to go so get your travel plans in order.

Every year there is a Campagnolo build contest and this Baum from Australia looks to be an early contender.
We first ran in o the Brooklyn based Weis brand last year with their burly track bikes made for the tough streets of the Big Apple.
Straight outta Durango, CO, this shot from the Myth Cycles frame shop is what it’s all about…handmade.
Another fabulous take on a carbon/titanium frame.
Bastion Cycles is a new one on us, but we can’t wait to see their bikes up-close.


We won’t pretend to vouch for all the builders at NAHBS, but we will go on record and say that few are as friendly as Steve Potts. Steve is a NorCal legacy builder who specializes in titanium frames.
For the last two years we have come away totally smitten with the FiftyOne bikes that are handmade in Dublin, Ireland. The craftsmanship and paint schemes are among the finest we’ve seen. These are good guys who love the bikes.
Thankfully you won’t find many black-on-black bikes coming out of the Squid factory. Colors rule!
Pursuit is a new  road specific carbon bike brand coming to us from the Karl Strong frame shop in Bozeman, Montana. Simply gorgeous.



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