Sleek integrated bar/stem design

With an evolution of integration, the new Vibe Evo handlebar delivers aerodynamic and ergonomic advancements to improve your ride PRO’s new Vibe Evo handlebar delivers the next generation of integration with enhanced aerodynamics, proven ergonomics, and improved grip for better control on the bike. The integrated bar/stem design offers a sleek front-end look for both standard and fully internally routed frames while the hose and cable integration tucks things out of the wind for ultimate aerodynamic advantage. Integrated grips placed on the tops of the bar transition seamlessly into the hoods for a neat carbon package ready to cheat the wind while keeping your hands comfortably planted in place.

Carefully crafted integration is the keystone of the new Vibe Evo handlebar. Starting with the smooth interface between bar and stem, the Vibe Evo also delivers strategically placed entry and exit ports for shift cables and brake hoses to run cleanly and silently through the inside of the handlebar and come through the stem. This means the front end of the bike can be clean and cable-free.

“We looked at the cockpit as a complete system, not just a handlebar and stem,” says PRO Product Development Team Manager Mark Kikkert. “We took into consideration the placement of brake/shift levers and how the shape of the handlebar could provide a more seamless transition for more comfort”

As the control center of the bike, the Vibe Evo’s lightweight and strong carbon construction boosts rider control and comfort with a new ergonomic shape and five secure hand positions. Ride on the tops, in the pursuit position, use corner grip, ride the hoods, or in the drops comfortably.

The tops of the Vibe Evo handlebar feature a new replaceable grip design, which negates the need for wrapping the tops with bar tape. This keeps the bar flatter and more aerodynamic while maintaining a comfortable and solid grip on the bar. PRO also introduces the new Ergonomic Drop Grips that slide onto the bar ends and replace the need for bar tape in the drops.

“The integration of the top grip is a unique way to offer comfort and control, while simultaneously keeping the aerodynamic profile and cutting down on the total system weight compared to using regular handlebar tape,” explains Kikkert. “With the new Vibe Evo, we are entering a new era for integrated cockpits that PRO has been offering for over 15 years.”

Completing the PRO Vibe Evo’s seamless integration design is the attachment point for a forward bicycle computer mount. Two rivnuts sit on the underside of the bar/stem area, providing a fixing point for bike computer mounts (or other mountable bags and accessories) to integrate into the handlebar’s aerodynamic design.


The Vibe Evo bar/stem system allows for +/- 2 degrees of stem angle adjustment with a 1 1/8 shim. Additionally, the bar is compatible with 1 1/8 and 1 1/4 steerer tubes thanks to a removable shim. The bars come in widths of 38, 40 and 42cm with stem lengths of 105, 115 and 125mm.

Pricing and Availability

The PRO Vibe Evo handlebar will be available from retailers starting September 2021. PRO Ergonomic Drop Grips available starting November 2021.
PRO Vibe Evo: $600
PRO Ergonomic Drop Grips: $34.99

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