Product Review: Selle Italia Novus Boost Superflow

A time-honored legacy

First things first: there is no other saddle maker in the world that’s been in the business as long as Selle Italia. Heck, aside from Bianchi, there’s no other company period that’s been in the sport as long as Italy’s premier saddle maker. How long, you ask? Selle Italia has been in the saddle game since 1897, and in that century-plus business of producing bike seats, they’ve played a role in the evolution of every saddle innovation that’s come down the pipe.

The four-year-old Novus Boost Superflow short saddle is available in 135mm and 148mm widths. The Novus Boost was released in 2015, and we’ve seen it spec’d on some of the gravel bikes that we’ve tested. A thick, dense pad absorbs vibrations well, and Selle Italia’s Superflow technology significantly reduces pressure in the perineal area. The high-end Novus Boost uses 7×9 carbon rails, while the lower-tier versions use 7×7 alloy rails.

To aid in finding the ideal saddle, visit Selle Italia’s website and use the Identikit feature. After a few questions about gender and physique, the Identikit recommends the ideal saddle type for the user.

The Novus Boost is flexy, but that is a good thing for mixed-surface riding. We enjoyed the wider 148mm saddle once we found the proper position. A sloping nose on the Novus restricts rider movement and makes sliding forward on the saddle uncomfortable. The 255mm-long Novus saddles are made in Italy and undergo Selle Italia’s in-house quality inspection.


• High-end Italian quality

• Thick, dense padding

• Ideal for mixed-surface riding

Price: $275

Weight: 270 grams

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