Product Spotlight: Champion System Custom

A quick turnaround and great pricing from the custom brand

While we were getting our project bikes built for Kanza, travel accommodations, a little bit of training in and our plans for once being there we forgot one thing. What were we going to wear for kits? This was just less then a month till DK and we know most custom kit companies operate in the 6-7 week period. Fortunately though, we did recently learn that Champion System’s can get your custom clothing out much quicker. They were our first call for our DK dilemma and they came through perfectly!

There’s a vast majority of cycling companies out there who offer a custom kit service but it may be overloading though on which one to pick. Champion System’s stand out though for two good reasons. First off their turn around time is only four weeks, most companies operate in the seven to eight week time period. Second is their pricing. For custom they’re quite hard to beat from the research which we have done. We were fortunate to grab some new kits for the recent Dirty Kanza and put the quality to the test for 200 plus miles through gravel roads. They held up fantastically.

Apex Jersey: $98

Apex Bib: $104

Photo: Steve Driscoll
Photo: Ian Matteson
Photo: Ian Matteson

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