Product Spotlight: Lifeboat Tire Lever

A new product that caught our attention on Kickstarter

Press Release: Snēk Cycling is introducing the Lifeboat Tire Lever. The lever will be live on Kickstarter June 5, 2018 raising funds to bring the project to life.

The Lifeboat Tire Lever is an all in one tool that can change a tire, remove a valve core and open a bottle. The lever addresses the need for a valve core remover to service modern tubeless tire systems. With the trend of tubeless tires in cycling, and the inclusion of tire sealant for flat protection and repair, a tool is needed to service them. Traditional tire levers lack the ability to remove a valve core, and the easiest way to install sealant is through the valve.

“I was tired of looking for a tool to remove the valve core of my tubeless tires every time I wanted to add sealant. My valve core remover was hard to keep track of and always seemed to be missing. That’s when I thought, why not just have a valve core remover as part of the tire lever? That way only one tool would be required to service tubeless tires instead of two separate ones.” adds Hintze.

The result is this inclusive lever to service modern tubeless tire systems. “In addition, the lever includes a bottle opener for the post ride beverage. It was time for a tire lever that kept up with cycling trends and technology.” states Hintze.

Composed of a plastic outer and reinforced with a metal interior, ensures for a long lasting lever that won’t break or damage your rim. “I was also frustrated with levers breaking. I wanted a lever that was tough enough to handle the repeated abuse of tire maintenance, and was built to last rather than something that was disposable,” states Hintze. The result is a lever that is constructed to last, guaranteed for life, and made in the USA.

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