Product Test: Stompump

A compact frame-mounted floor pump of sorts

The Stompump is a fairly compact high volume foot pump. Instead of using your hands to inflate a tire on the side of the road, you can now use your leg and body weight to accelerate the process. The large diameter moves about 3 times more air than a typical hand pump.

When not in the frame mount cradle the pump remains extended.

The pump is made of machined aluminum and the overall construction is very robust. The hose and fittings are also very good and better than we see in most hand pumps. The hose can fit Schrader or Presta valves with a simple swap of the adapter end. It includes a frame mount, frame-protector pads and a hook and loop strap.

The Stompump is a high volume pump, and from our testing maxed out around 55psi.

The pump is 2.75 inches across and 4.25 inches high when extended but only 3 inches high in the frame mount.

Our favorite mounting position is under the bottom bracket because it doesn’t take away a reachable water bottle.

We tested the Stompump on a handful of different size tires and it is not ideal for road tires. Even with the trend of lower tire pressures and larger tires our size 28 and 30mm road slicks couldn’t get up to pressure. The ideal tires would be 35mm or larger, so that means gravel bikes will take the most advantage.

The frame mount is simple and holds secure even over the roughest terrain.

If there is one big overlook it’s the lack of a gauge. There isn’t even an option to add one. At $70 the quality is there but an option to add a gauge for a few extra bucks would be worth it.

On our Kona Libre test bike has an additional mounting location on the down tube. When matched to a side exit cage you can still run both a bottle and the pump.

The pump is fairly lightweight at 220 grams as a full system with the frame mount and all the small parts. The pump on its own is 192 grams but remember, without the frame backed it will remain extended and harder to fit in a bag.

This is a great option since no one loves flats and it did expedite the pumping phase of our flat repair. While we would love to see a road version, it’s not something to hold your breath for. Between the smoother outer sole of road shoes and our funky shaped cleats, it wouldn’t be the easiest pump to use.

Overall the Stompump is a useful tool for those that are using high volume tires. It saves your arms and hand from the seemingly endless pump strokes that a hand pump requires. We think it needs a small gauge of some sort because Zap’s pinch test is not the most scientific or reliable and what a difference 5psi can make on a larger tire.

For more info or to get one yourself, you can head to and if you are an Amazon shopper check out their store here with free Prime shipping.

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