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Rotor Rings Q-Rings

Rotor Components, following ten years of development work on their Rotor cranks, wanted to make available to bicyclists a way to experience the energy-saving advantages of their cranks, but at lesser cost and with the use of existing crank arms, so they designed the Q-Ring concept chainrings. After studying other maker’s attempts at an oval […]

Mavic R-SYS Wheelset

Mavic never stops researching better ways to transmit a rider’s energy into forward motion. Their latest innovation, the R-Sys wheelset, pioneers the use of ‘Tracomp’ tubular carbon fiber spokes that are capable of withstanding a minimal amount of compression, in addition to the tension loading of a wire spoke. R-Sys wheels require a new hub […]

Koobi PRS Century Saddle

Koobi, a Colorado Springs-based company,  designs and sells a broad line of saddles, produced by Selle Italia in Italy and aimed at specific niches in the cycling spectrum-from all out racing and triathlon use to touring. The PRS Century, Koobi’s newest saddle, is similar in dimensions to a typical racing seat and uses a combination […]